Come Alive

Dormant lungs, paralyzed
Body hung suspended
Tired heart; empty eyes
Tainted from remorse

Injuries there inside
Agonies unspoken
Broken dreams; hope denied
War without recourse

Lay them down, my dearest one
Let the stripes across your back
Mend in time–mend with love
Casualties of these attacks

Come alive again, my dear
Weakened wings can fly from here
Vestige of my darling friend
Come alive–awake again


18 responses to “Come Alive

  1. You are busy today, and with great results. A verse in praise of those two magnificent healers Time and Love not forgetting TLC. Thanks for this verse it is uplifting to me at this point in time. xx

    • I am glad to hear that. It is hard to see such precious people hurt and lose hope. I am by nature a cynical and depressing writer, though in life I tend to be positive and encouraging on normal days. We all suffer deeply but I long to give freedom and hope to those I love

  2. Your words make me feel so narcissistic. Something rare for me. But the last few posts speak right to my soul as if they were for no one but me. These are so strong, so beautiful. I will hold them into my heart as I journey into my today figuring which steps to take, if you will allow me.

      • Awww I am very flattered. 🙂

        I don’t even think of myself as much of a poet. More of a wandering spirit trying to find methods of expression. I really know almost nothing about poetry lol

      • Thank you very much. I have kept my poetry from the world for most of my time writing, and it is so different to have it all opened up here in a public place. It has taken some strange life circumstances to force it here, but I’m glad you come to read it. It makes me slightly more confident to know there are people who can relate to, or at least appreciate what I think and feel. 90% of what I write will probably never make it here because I don’t like it enough, but it’s nice to share a little on occasion 🙂

    • That thrills my soul. It is always encouraging to know that something I wrote can resonate with another being. Thank you for stopping by and especially for leaving your thoughts. That means a lot 🙂

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