Buried Alive

Trapped inside
Buried alive
Clawing the walls
That hold them below
Cries unheard
Muffled by earth

Cast aside
Sealed up to die
Living emotions
Words left unspoken
Fighting to breathe
Deep within me

Shut and nailed
Packed and sealed
Covered with reasons
Left out to freeze
Dropped in a coffin
To rot and to soften

I can hear them scream
Piercing the ground beneath my dreams
Dragging their nails across my belly
Writing the things they cannot tell me

I can feel them pound
Shaking the thoughts I can’t let out
Trying to break their borrowed tomb
Awaiting their turn to be exhumed


52 responses to “Buried Alive

  1. The thought of being buried alive is one which first came to mind.. (I have a fear…I suppose as does anyone, about being buried alive since watching a Horror Film when I was very young, and it’s stayed trapped inside) …. as do thoughts, unwelcome ones..buried deep, and struggling to get to the conscious surface of our minds. I actually shivered whilst reading this one. VW, and then blamed it on the cold weather.. (Vampiric cold fingers seeking out warmth πŸ˜€ ) xPenx

    • I agree. I think one of the first horror movies I saw at a young age was “The Pit and the Pendulum” with Vincent Price. I went on to become a Poe fan and he seemed obsessed with premature interment. Before modern science people often specified in their will that they should be beheaded prior to burial to prevent waking up entombed lol. That is a creepy thought

  2. Wow. Interesting to try to guess is this meant figurative or literal. If figurative, then there you go again speaking straight to my life.

    • I have not yet been literally buried alive, but I felt that I have been forced to repress feelings that are hard to keep buried inside myself, and I imagined them as if they had a life of their own trying to escape my brain and my throat πŸ™‚ thank you

  3. its like the film buried hour by hour waiting to rot and sink into darkness great blog vampire shivery and spooky stuff xxjen

  4. One of my worst fears, after drowning this is my horror. I like the way you have brought in the fact that theses are your worst fears and horrors scratching and hacking at your insides. We all feel those fears , attacking our guts they raise up through the stomach, the heart, the throat then exploding in our brains demanding to be exhumed!! Wonderful poem XXXXXXX

  5. You know I was going to add a re-post of this very theme my friend, but I can see
    that you have told it extremely well already and the description within your poetry outlines the excellence of your words, which in turn etches a ghoulish representation of being buried alive…

    An excellent posting my friend and I like this one a lot πŸ™‚


  6. I’ve had this thought many times recently. ’tis quite frustrating to leave so many words unsaid. Thank you for posting so many words that I relate to.

    • Thank you for relating to them. It is bittersweet to know someone endures the same as I. I am glad to see you back again! Perhaps some things are meant to be left unsaid to almost everyone and only to be shared in a very close company

    • “The words I didn’t say
      You always heard so clear
      You always knew the way
      To listen without an ear”

      mindreaders….sometimes they save us when all we have is silence.

      Or is it that great loving minds think alike?

      • I think it’s quite wonderful. It’s a great feeling of peace to know someone knows the words you have no way of saying.

      • I wish to spend my whole day here. But I fear your other followers will not appreciate it. And since you’re a mindreader I know that I have not gone unnoticed.

      • I was going to post tonight. I have several things written, but I don’t particularly like any of them. Perhaps I can give you a selection and you can choose a title, then I will post the poem by that title…if you would like. Anyone is free to vote, but I will give first pick to the resident muse, if she chooses to accept

      • Like I said, I don’t really care for any of these, and there are always so many I don’t choose to publish…I just feel totally uninspired by any of them, but if I’m going to play Russian roulette with them, I will let you pull the trigger. Here are some completed but unpublished titles:

        Are You?
        The Cold Below
        The Apex Is
        Oh God, The Blood
        Which Stone To Cast First…
        Join Only Hands

        That’s probably enough to choose from right? Just be aware, I don’t claim that any of them are great, and you may see some of them show up later even if I don’t post them tonight πŸ™‚

      • Will you narrow my choices to poems that would be placed in the Love, Love, Love and Cheer up, Sweetheart categories? πŸ˜‰

      • I will choose Are You, because my gut is telling me to. But I do so hope the other will be posted soon! ❀

      • A comment on the subject of kindred spirits…

        In Greek mythology it was said to have happened that humans were originally born with two faces, four arms and four legs, and that Zeus, afraid that they would be two powerful, struck them and split them in half and destined them to spend their life searching for the other half of their soul, to find their soulmate.

        Although it just a story that Plato tells, it is probably the best way I can think to metaphorically describe a soulmate.

        Just a bit of interesting history for you. πŸ™‚

  7. “I can hear them scream
    Piercing the ground beneath my dreams
    Dragging their nails across my belly
    Writing the things they cannot tell me”

    Wow I can relate to this feeling of secrecy and molestation of your own true feelings.

    “Cast aside
    Sealed up to die” Do you read minds by anychance?

    Illustrated very well, the fear, the pain, agony and deceite piled up with lies.

    • Thank you. I despise hiding. I do not generally attempt to hide, but often I feel as though the actions and feelings of others force pieces of me away, or trap me into a small space. I appreciate the complements!

  8. I despise hiding as well…that’s why I put it all out there… πŸ™‚

    You should never hide your true feelings….

    • Have always had trouble with that concept. I have always kept my heart behind a wall and havent shared my true feeling really. I especially haven’t exposed many feelings lately. There has only ever been one soul that I’ve been comfortable sharing every depth of my heart and mind with, and in that instance there was nothing ever hidden anyways. He knew me better than I know me. I didn’t have the option to hide from him. But there was nothing I wanted to hide. But for everyone else my natural reaction is to hide.

    • I agree you should never have to hide them, but sometimes staying alive requires drastic measures. Sometimes “true feelings” are very unacceptable to the world you happen to live in right then and can cause you more harm than good πŸ™‚

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