Are You?

Aside from the rise and fall
Of breath I see no sign at all
That you are less than perfect
Even human like the dirt that I am
Aside from gentle beats
Of pulse I cannot force belief
That you could be so flawless
Lying here within my arms–in my hands

Are you real?
Because the colors of your cheek
The vivid semmetry
Of your every little curve
Makes me feel
That you must have been a dream
Or a fragile figurine
Not a mortal, but an angel
Are you real?

27 responses to “Are You?

  1. Wow! ’tis beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for letting me choose. I can’t even begin to explain what an honor you gave me.

  2. You seem to have command of the written word in such a way to make women swoon. You craft what a woman wants whispered in her ear during love making, or tickled with on her naked flesh after. Very pretty words indeed.

    • Thank you Sarah. I am not as masterful as it seems, I’m sure. I tend to write my words alone in seclusion, and I largely avoided relationships as I grew up. My mind is superb at embellishing reality or removing itself altogether from it. I have been blessed with some beautiful love, and from it I draw much of my inspiration, but were you to meet me, I am not nearly as forthcoming with words these days πŸ™‚

      Thank you much, Sarah

  3. wow! I had to read this one several times. Very romantic and strangely familiar… I have a little ‘vampire’ whispering similar things in my ears πŸ˜€

  4. lovely is the only word. in those words carved from ivory feeling smooth like caressing a wax figurine, lies sheer beauty. this poem of simple words have a magic to capture us in a smile and blow us high leaving us floating slowly down like a feather. that is the only way i can explain the feeling i got reading this poem.

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