Lips against the crescent of her neck
He gently steals the essence of the angel
Replacing it with solace
Of a numb and silent sort
While the beating of her heart
Slowly quiets
In his arms

Silken smooth across his heaving chest
Her fingers trace the last of this resistance
Surrendering to shadows
Fully taken in embrace
Like the palette of her face
Fading graceful
In his arms

Whispered prayers attended with a kiss
The agony–imprisonmen–of fighting to exist
Her fragile body mending
From the ailments it had borne
Cure–from an unlikely source
As she changes
In his arms


24 responses to “Bitten

  1. Twas the week before Halloween and what did you write?
    A tale of vampires late in the night….

    I’m starting my day smiling.

  2. What a beautifully rare take on turning into a vampire. I love this because its so unique. Unlike the dreadful stories you hear of most of the undead world this is a tale so sweet. It makes me miss my time spent with my sweet vampire.

  3. Awesome, I think she would be willing to do anything in his arms. It must be a quiet unique experience. So magical, painful, yet so romantic, and sensual. I really really like this one! ❤

  4. Such a delicate creature in the arms of her saviour…
    It is a dark and wickedly told poem that I really like 🙂

    Have a funtastic rest of
    weekend Vampire Weather 🙂


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