Inner Circle

I have you surrounded
Like Saturn is surrounded by it’s rings
Taken you in so deep you are
Like the blood within my veins
Close as the atoms that I’m crushing
When I pull you firmly in
So much a part my heart can’t tell
Where I could end and you begin

Come inside my arms
In the circle where
I can keep you warm
Safe protected there
You don’t need to be
Far away from me
Leave the outside world
Come inside my arms

I have you surrendered
Like the french in every war they ever fought
I think I want to steal your heart
And I don’t care if I get caught
I need you near me
Like the seashore needs the ocean’s touch
Take me and wrap me up
Like a blanket on your shoulders, love


27 responses to “Inner Circle

    • They are words every woman should be able to hear. They are words which are so often confined to the inside of our minds. It is quite likely they have never escaped my lips, and may live only here…maybe it is where they belong. Thank you Sarah

  1. Just so beautiful, the sentiment , the rhythm the words all so beautiful. I particularly love the line “I need you near me Like the seashore needs the ocean’s touch” I reaches out and touches me , thank you .

      • after reading this once more, with a more light heart and head, it seems as though you are talking to me, cooing me with your words, gently whispering, “i have infiltrated you and now I’m lost inside you” not knowing where one ends and the other begins….this is very comforting…thank you VW!

    • Well, at least if they start a war with me the odds are in my favor 🙂

      I love the French, BTW. They are brilliant in art and culinary prowess. I don’t like fighting, so I don’t hold it against them that they never win wars. Maybe they are lovers and not fighters 🙂

  2. A warming embrace captured in the
    moment of love, and a deeper sense
    of a never-ending wanting 🙂

    I like the part about
    the French also 🙂 lol


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