Blanket (A Riddle)

Silent, a blanket is spread
But not meant for warmth
Dwarfing the size of my bed
Yet clean and so soft
Fragile, the blanket is drawn
But just for one day
Though most of my town put it on
They will throw it away
Lovely, the blanket is sewn
But so easily torn
It lays on your shoulders and head
But it cannot be worn
Silent, a blanket is spread
But is not meant for heat
I leave it outside–unless
It comes in on my feet


26 responses to “Blanket (A Riddle)

  1. Blanketed, with silence and brilliant whiteness, as only this substance can… A lovely riddle VW, ’tis such a shame it causes so much havoc before it melts and departs… xPenx

  2. lovely, cryptic, smooth… I like this poem although I’ve never seen snow 🙂 I still dream of a white Christmas and somehow I feel it drawing nigh hehe

  3. I’ve got to say, I was riddled by the riddle – but I see (from Jenny) that it’s snow. Oh, I’m too dumb with these things!!

    You’re so clever though. Just fantastic 🙂

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