Love Never Sleeps

Close your eyes and pretend
You have been lifted high on the wind
With the tired world beneath your wings

Let your body succumb
Release your pain and allow it to numb
Wave goodbye to the tops of the trees

Lay your head in my hands
Take a breath and descend
Into oceans of crystal blue

We can go anywhere
Feel the wind in your hair
I will stay here next to you

Sleep next to me
Rest in my love
You can stop moving
But love never does

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps

Drink the rain with a smile
We can be free and alive for a while
There’s no time that you have to leave

Until the day breaks the dawn
We can lie tangled here all night long
And I’ll try to make you believe

Sleep next to me
Rest and don’t stir
I can be with you
You can be sure

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps


26 responses to “Love Never Sleeps

  1. This one captures the essence of a loving embrace
    Vampire Weather, the safety of a lovers arms and the
    sweetness of promise, that love never sleeps…

    A very nice example of your
    poetry my wickedly fine friend πŸ™‚


  2. Something we all long for, VW, a safe harbour, a safe pair of arms to contain and hold us through our dreaming time… Trusting willingly… a sigh and a smile for this one… ’tis a wonderful scenario … xPenx

  3. this makes me miss sleeping in his arms…. but it is so beautiful and lovely…. I can only shed tears again after reading this πŸ˜₯

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