Down is not where you belong
A creature of such grace
Should never need a cage

Though your body is not strong
And sometimes misbehaves
The molecules betray you

I would take the very breath out of my lungs
To give you one more moment
If I could be your healer

I would break the hands of death to keep you warm
And give you one more moment
If I could be your healer

I would siphon off the blood
And steal the beats from my own heart
If I could save the ones I love
Is it too late to wake them up?

I would trade my fading pulse
And break my hourglass apart
If I could give the grains to you
If there was something I could do

I would forfeit all the smiles that I am losing anyway
To put the stars back in your sky and for a moment make you safe
Do we have to be so helpless? Does this distance have to be?
I wish I could be your healer

How I miss you here with me


30 responses to “Healer

  1. Omg this is so touching and heart felt. It makes me want to smile and cry and tons of other things at the same time. You have done it again with this one!

    • I’m thankful it was something you needed. I am not skilled enough to know what people need, so I write out of selfishness I suppose, with the distant hope that somehow it may be useful to someone. I wish I were better at writing things which could encourage and help. I am very thankful you saw something in it which you needed tonight. That makes it worth the time 🙂

      • All we can do is write from the heart and send it into the cosmos. And trust it will find the eyes of the ine it needs to touch. Catharsis is an instant healer.

        Speaking from the heart, being raw, you are skilled beyond your beliefs. Don’t stop.

        I’m looking at my insecurities tonight too.

        But don’t stop

  2. It seems you are a master-poet – wow! Well-crafted form and imagery and emotion and passion and…. thanks for finding my blog, and now I must subscribe to yours!

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