An Awakening

Flecks of dawn sprinkled carefully ’round
On the crest of your brow and then cascading down
To the curve of your neck and its lands to the south
As I lick up the dew from the doors of your mouth
And they open for me–as a lock to a key

Lit by the paint of a sun come awake
Naked beams caravan on the sands of your shape
And ascend to your hills where they dance on your peeks
Joining hands as they blend into reds on your cheek
Which are blushing for me–like your blood, running free

Stroked in the darkness on opposite sides
Are the secrets which sunlight has yet to un-hide
Buried shallow in shadows that long to be found
Like a treasure for taking in soft fertile ground
And it beckons to me–like the sirens of sea

Earthquakes unleashed by the plates of our skin
Having struck through the fault lines and shaking within
Trigger tremors so faint on the slant of your jaw
I can feel them, but not quite so certain I saw
Still, they tattle to me of your volatile needs

Folded in gold with a mist at your feet
Newly wakened and taken in tryst by the heat
Of the day, now aroused by it’s solar affair
You appear, as a goddess, with wisps in your hair
And you reign over me like a radiant queen

Traced by the rays as they traverse your form
You unfold, like the blooms, in the warmth of the morn’
And alight on the blades of the grass like a thought
Floating weightless inside of my arms–you are caught
And you wrap around me like a cool evening breeze

Locked by the touch of your hands on my waist
We are tangled and tied in a fleeting embrace
I am holding you–savoring what I may take
But you flicker and fade–I, reluctantly, wake
And you vanish from me–you were only a dream


32 responses to “An Awakening

  1. AAaahhhhh I love it! Absolutely positively amazing. It makes ne want to read it over and over and over! WOW! Your work should be published in a book for millions to be captivated like me. WOW

    • Your words are so kind. I feel undeserving of such praise, but it certainly encourages me! I’m so glad you liked it, and took the time to encourage me with your words. It makes my day a little brighter πŸ™‚

  2. Aw, your comment is better than the poem. Your words are so kind and uplifting! I’m very honored you think so highly of my work. I am never very confident of it, but words like that make me want to keep trying! πŸ˜€

      • Actually I was thinking, the end was my favorite part.

        I have always since the beginning struggled with not skimming to the bottom of your poem. It’s usually my very favorite part. It usually reveals the most about the inspiration of the poem. πŸ˜‰

      • Inspiration can come from so many places. Last night I dreamed of someone I miss so much, and I woke up thinking I had just seen her. It wasn’t like this poem–it was just a day in the life, but just waking up from thinking they are not gone and they are right there…it’s hard to accept. Dreams can be so real sometimes. thank you muse. You always encourage and inspire πŸ™‚

      • I often have those dreams. So beautiful, but the moment is never long enough to keep in my grasp, and the agony that waking brings is unbearable.

  3. Love the picture VW! Love the words “Reign over me like a Radiant Queen”…reminded me of some Greek Mythology…a man making love to a Godess…what a treat that would be

    • Thank you very much! I don’t know about goddesses…human women are far more divine than I deserve and I have been consistently amazed by them. I can’t imagine a deity comparing to the flesh and blood I love πŸ™‚

  4. yes…more in common with flesh and blood…your piece seems to allude to a higher form…the woman you describe almost like the sun and the earth…which isn’t too far off…I heard we are made from star dust.

  5. What a wonderful love poem — going a step beyond unrequited love to dream-love. πŸ™‚

    Great to see you tackling rhymes and doing this very well! And this meter is as it should be — supporting the poem — starting strong as needed as in “Earthquakes unleashed by the plates of our skin” — two strong syllables (spondee) even though one can read this as an iambic foot — the natural reading is as it should be two strong syllables. Throughout this poem the meter varies wonderfully. Excellent work!

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