Rebuking lines
Bent toward a spent path
We grasped sovereignty
In soft, open palms

Side by side

Clasped in risk
Inset with uncertain sparkles
We spoke
Of things unsaid
With hushed, sideways smiles

Side by side

And, to the unsuspecting
A banner sewed of patchwork
We raised
With intrepid dreams
Against gale force life

Side by side

Drunk on hope
Of a distant vintage
We stood
Like newly birthed fawns
In an open field of predators

Side by side

Facing upward
Expressions unfolded
We were
Like flowers blooming
Flushed red with new warmth

Side by side

A bizarre spectacle
Of magic and mystery
We appeared
As practicing wizards
In a land of unlawful spells

Side by side

Drawing mobs
Pressed by presumption
We fell
Beneath the onslaught
Of small thought eyes

Side by side

But I prefer
The amenities of my liberty
In cells
Built to conceal
The possibilities of being

Side by side

Our hearts knit
May never beat in close proximity
Yet we are
Forever made of cords
Unbroken from despair

Side by side

Asking nothing
But the grace we engraved
Inside our skin
To heal our stripes
Disproportionate to our crimes

Side by side

And will be forever alive
If only at heart
Recklessly unashamed
To have been

Side by side

When paths are drawn
Unbeaten before me
I vow
No fear to show
And on them we will go

Side by side

Taking your thought
And a love we all conceived
I know
The deepest magic comes
To those who walk

Side by side

17 responses to “Stria

  1. The eyes are the window to your soul. Yours are deep and good. Together we stand divided we fall. One of your better poems, I say that and also explain that all your work is amazing but this poem is above all beautiful. xxxx

      • It reminds me of a simpler time, long ago it seems. A time when the laughter was carefree, and the smiles weren’t for show. Involved with risk and engulfed in love. A time when feelings and expressions reigned free. When my heart was exposed to those I knew. And i knew them judt as well. A simpler time indeed. Now days I don’t let myself feel or express emotion to those around me. I’d rather them know me as heartless or shallow than for them to actually know me, to see the depths of my heart or the lengths of my soul. Of course my heart is still there for now, but it is behind the safety of many walls. But I still haven’t changed the locks. For those who hold the key.

      • Ah, I do know those feelings. How quickly life can change us. Disaster, loss, pain…I never thought I would see the person I see today in my mirror. That person is disinterested in being known. I spent much of my life in secret, and my ventures into the open were painfully futile it seems. I will be content to be me in the hidden areas of my soul for now. The world can see what they will see from their perch outside. I do not want them in again. I’m so sorry for your pain. I can imagine the day will come when you smile freely once again and hope as you once hoped. Who can say? Maybe the day is today. If it is, be sure to accept it. The world needs your smile

  2. This poem can mean so many things to each and every individual that comes upon it and yet to me it seems rather apt, being that on the morrow it is Remembrance Sunday and your words seem to echo that side by side commitment of the fallen heroes of war, an endless march that forever sings the courage and sheer bravery of all those that fell in conflict, indeed courageousness is their calling and we should all be very proud of their sacrifice. Do have a most excellent rest of weekend Vampire Weather…

    Like I said, your poetry can mean many
    different things my wickedly fine friend…


    • Thank you Andro. There are many heroes who deserve our remembrance. One of the things I love about art is it’s ability to move beyond a single meaning or a simple idea and expand in the minds and hearts of those who experience it. I am grateful for your words.

      Have a wonderful weekend as well!

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