Adrift Alone

Adrift alone on open seas
At rest beneath a quiet sky
The depths below suspending me
As cloud parades go lazily
Across their stage adorned in white

No hint of earth or distant land
Has trespassed these horizon lines
My form reclines with open hands
Adjacent to this vast expanse
Emerging from my tired mind

I sense my body giving in
Against the pull of ancient tides
My restless soul, into the wind
Releases all it held within
The confines of this fragile life

Adrift alone on open seas
Beyond the reach of human shores
At peace, as once I longed to be
I sink into its melody
Content at last forevermore


33 responses to “Adrift Alone

  1. This is sort of an elegy but brought out in a very subtle way. Great use of euphemisms. I admire all of your work and I hope you are doing well in health and state of mind. Blessings my dear friend.

      • Great!!! Take it one day at a time there my friend. With the muse I’ve got, I imagine more and more 🙂 Don’t hold me to it though. Sometimes the well get dry and I have to wait for more rain 🙂 I will surely be looking out for more of yours though… so prolific 😀

      • Is there any other way to take it? I appreciate your encouragement. I have a wonderful life. I have been blessed with more than I could express. I have had an unusual last year with some unique heartbreak. Some things can follow you through your day and soak into your skin to the point you can never really escape them. I am thankful for the pain as well. It has certainly provoked a lot of poetry lately lol

      • Ok good to know you are positive. Just checking really 🙂 Yeah pain, love, passion and all those strong emotions certainly have a way of spilling out on paper or the web 😀 And certainly, pain really does have purging and rehabilitating effects.

  2. Wonderful flow to the poem so gently beautiful. It tempts me to gather up all my conciousness and leave my body behind and drift through the galaxy and beyond. UMMM!! so tempting! xxxxxx

  3. Have you ever floated on you back in the ocean on a beautiful day? Just relax and float and look at the clouds and blue sky? Well…that is the feeling you invoked. By the way…according to some National Geographic special…jelly fish are taking over the ocean in great numbers…we may be eating these things shortly:)

    • Yes, indeed I have. Until recently I lived within walking distance of the ocean, and I spent much of my time there. I have always been in love with it. As for the jellyfish, if we would be more careful with turtle populations perhaps they would stay at a more manageable number. They are beautiful. They are not very filling to eat, but they certainly are creatures of mystery and i love to watch them move

  4. Hello 🙂 Thought it was about time I paid a visit to the world of Vampire weather rather than just thinking about doing so! This is a very atmospheric post…the imagery instantly gives a sense of being adrift on the open seas…and also of peace…enhancing your writing…I imagine being adrift in space could have a similar effect 🙂

  5. I really liked the content. Some questions on the poem. On the first stanza, was this meant to be

    Adrift alone on open seas
    At rest beneath a quite sky
    The depths bellow suspending me


    Adrift alone on open seas
    At rest beneath a quite sky
    The depths bellow suspending me

    • Thank you! Actually, both your options look the same to me, but you did bring to my attention an error in the word “quiet” which I have corrected. Thank you!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I’m so glad to see you here!

  6. Sorry — enter hit before finished)

    I really liked the conent. Some questions on the poem.

    Was this meant to be

    Adrift alone on open seas
    At rest beneath a quite sky
    The depths bellow suspending me


    Adrift alone on open seas
    At rest beneath a quiet sky
    The depths below suspending me

    The first breaks your otherwise consistent steam of iambs and the second seems to align more with the meaning you are conveying.

    The second question — if the above were typos and you meant “quiet” and “below” than we get a continuous iambic tetrameter — and it gets a little bit overdone by the end — would advise breaking it, even if very subtly. Wondeful poem — but I think you can take it up to dizzying heights by just adding a little bit extra in the meter — aligned with meaning of course — to heighten the impact.

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