Armored For The Moon

Armored for the moon, we are
An arbitrary tercet
Casting blatant disregard
Across the face of gravity
Cavalier for passion
In a reckless sort of fashion
Trading atmosphere for purer air
To fuel our fantasies

Cradled for the night, we were
A perfect convalescence
Woven fingers under blankets
We assaulted northern lights
Crafted after seriphs
Vaguely odd and plainly careless
Making love and taking dares, we made
Our memories in the night

Overlaid with grace, we are
An everlasting circle
In an orbit better set
Than all the dreams to come behind
Burning up on entry
Like a star on course for centuries
We set our mark to heaven
And our love became divine


37 responses to “Armored For The Moon

  1. Stunningly beautiful language. Great underlying architecture and form. You strike the right balance, not overdoing the simlarity in the three stanzas — using the approach for unification and to bounce us forward.

    A wonderful love poem!

      • Not necessarily coincidently — more instinctive — like a musician improvising.

        I am best you are aware of the parallelism in the first line of each of your three stanzas — even if just as a sixth sense. Like a great speech that repeats the first line for each paragraph — but you don’t repeat you vary — and the variations are exquisite!

      • Your compliments are very humbling. Thank you for spending time reading my work today. I feel very honored. You have great skill and I have enjoyed delving into your realm today as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you for your encouragement. I really do not feel much like a poet. I feel like a spirit trapped in a body, or a thought trapped in words. I can never quite say what I would like to say, or translate the feelings stirring inside of me. If I could do one thing with my words, it might be to leave some sort of fossil record of my existence and the ones I’ve loved…enough DNA so that one day someone can reconstruct me in their mind and experience a little of what I felt while I was alive. Perhaps if I leave enough traces of myself after I am extinct, the effort I put out in my lifetime will continue to inspire someone somewhere. Perhaps, if I send these words out into the abyss, they will land on a heart and soak in. Perhaps someone will know that they are not alone. They were never alone. And I love them. If my words could do that, even after I am gone, I do not care what they call me or if they even know my name. My life is only a blink of an eye. My words are only a needle in a haystack. Maybe I am more of an idea than I am of a person, and I think someone needs me. I am so grateful to all of you who choose to read what I write. I never dreamed I would put my poetry out for so many people to view. I am humbled beyond words, and I really don’t know how to respond to the kind things people say about my writing. I don’t think I deserve it. It surprises me that people would say such things about my work, but if it means something to you, it is worth my time. Thank you.

  2. What you said are the words of a true poet. I think most all poets feel that way, struggling to express their thoughts and feelings which are basically ineffable, but we try anyway. In fact I think that’s also true of any artist, musician, etc., – all we can do is keep honing our different crafts in order to say what is deep within us. The impossibility of reaching the perfection of that expression is frustrating, but it’s a joyful and glorious frustration. Just keep writing your poetry – no matter who sees it, it will always remain written on the walls of eternity. Nothing is ever lost! And you – YOU ARE A POET !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A love amongst the stars and planets,
    I really like this one Vampire Weather
    and how delightfully written too ๐Ÿ™‚


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