Defiant against you, stars
I brandish my stigma

Disarm me if you dare

I should damn myself
In shameless flair
Before I let you blaspheme
The air of those I adore

Defiant against you, sky
I sew no heart upon my sleeve

Take it if you can

I would spill it upon
These eternal flames
Before surrender could infect
My weary veins

Defiant against you, glass
I repent your misspent form

Echo me if you dare

I would recant, unswayed
This soft visage I bear
Before I forfeit a meager ounce
Of these sacred tears

36 responses to “Stigma

  1. Very nicely written, strong, defiant! I like the image it brings in my head a person normal in size but great in power and will 🙂

    • Perhaps it is more meaningful to be defiant when you are not particularly large. Perhaps it is overkill for giants to be pushy. It is when the little people rise up against the galaxy that we feel their plight and sympathize with the odds. Thank you Lydia 🙂

  2. Go VduB, Go Vdub! Tell those stigmas, tell those stars, tell those damned skies, flames and glass who they are…who YOU are! Love the strong voice, prominence and strength bursting through the comptuer screen! 🙂

    • haha thank you, Bella. I go back and forth between tired/discouraged and angry/frustrated lately. It seems like I have no middle. I am either ready to fight or I can barely pick myself up off the floor. When I want to fight, I want to do so on behalf of the ones I love. They deserve it. Love is worth fighting for. Thanks 🙂

  3. I sew no heart upon my sleeve

    Take it if you can

    I love this line, it is pure genius. Not just the craft, but the sentiment of it. So expressive, picturesque and honest. Thank you for sharing part of yourself.

  4. Awesome! I was writing something last night of the same genre / feel, but I need to finish it. Myself and others really appreciate your method of unique wording of deep thoughts. When I make my top 10 list you’re definitely on it.

      • I haven’t even had a sip of beer or wine and that comment had me falling off my chair in laughter. Well…I figure they would have to be evil to be handing out with two dudes called Vampire Weather and TinCup…plus it just seems more sexy and was a common saying in Greek Mythology:)

      • Well, don’t get me wrong, I certainly feel that hanging out should be an equal opportunity endeavor, and I certainly am not biased against evil nymphs, but I would hate to deprive the honest, hard working, good hearted nymphs from a chance to spend recreational time away from their crafts. Perhaps we should institute a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy among them to prevent any open discrimination. But perhaps you are right about the fact that hanging out with the two of us would probably require some strange characters. Some extraordinary people indeed 🙂

  5. I’ll hang out with the two of you anytime. That should attract a fair share of Wild Wicked Witches and plenty of precipitant broomrides through Stars, Skies, Fires and Windows/Mirrors . . . Creation was made to tear apart.

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