Pens & Needles

Tapping the page
For a delicate vein
To inject with the dosage
Of ink and its stain

Struck by remorse
For the injuries caused
To offend such a fabric
With my brand of pain

But I pressure the point
Through the skin of this ivory
Piercing the heart
Of an innocent leaf

And it never revolts
Against me and my thievery
Innocence torn
By the words of my grief

The unspeakable, spoke
From the absence of healing
Prescriptions I wrote
In the songs of the night

A transfusion my throat
Sacrifices from feelings
Like dissonant notes
In the wrongs that I write


47 responses to “Pens & Needles

    • Thank you willow. I’m grateful for your tears. They are sacred things and it means a lot to me to know you paid that much care to my thoughts. I didn’t intend to make you cry, but thank you all the same 🙂

  1. I liked the fall of these words, I liked the rhythm, but I’m so unlearned with poetry I really can’t comment at all. I’m not sure what it was about. At first I thought you were going to inject yourself with drugs. I wasn’t sure. But absolutely you have a skill with tone & rhythm. I really liked the fall of the words.

    • You are in good company. I don’t really know anything about poetry either. It was really just about me feeling like I write sad and depressing things sometimes, and if the paper had feeling, it seems a shame to spoil it with my dark thoughts, as if I am drugging a helpless victim with fatal poison. Actually, nevermind. I am not exactly sure what it was about, but I’m very glad you stopped by and commented! I’m sure I’ve written things which make much more sense in the past 🙂

  2. “Tapping the page
    For a delicate vein
    To inject with the dosage
    Of ink and its stain”

    A wonderful opening!

    Which doesn’t mean I didn’t like the rest. It meant just what it said.

    A wonderful opening!

    • That’s good to hear! I must admit that on occasion I create an opening line and then never finish the poem. Sometimes I hear one stanza and that’s it…the thought is incomplete and the poem lies dormant somewhere, never to be seen. So I’m glad this one evolved a middle and end 😉

  3. Oh, how you manage to craft such beauty even when conveying grief, I cannot tell!!! Awesome post as usual but what do I expect from the one who is best of friends with the ‘spirit of poetry’ 🙂 Hope you are doing well VW. Glad to see another post here from you.

  4. No need to waste your energy and reply VW…this was incredible…if only you didn’t have to stain that innocent leaf…but you deal with the human heart…and it is both blood red and delicate.

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