To the dark
To the drifting swaths of formless shade
A shape is born
Born from vision shifting–that darting eye from light to night
In faint image so fair
I see you
For shadows, a host you have become
But not like parasites, they feed
For comfort
To you they cling and lay
No better shape is found
In this celestial pool. I decree
A master of the bed on which you lie
That all things large or small may to you concede that their beauty cannot match you
Nor can I
To look
If but in shadow
On your face as still you sleep
No more a lovely picture could a thousand artists paint
Fear not, my darling
I see you
I hold no thing above your thought
Keep no treasure more of worth
I have no need for else in life
But to know that you are mine
Take your rest
Stir when ready
Wake when sated
I will watch you here in shade
As eyes adjust and light subsides
Until tomorrow when you wake
I watch you here and think
There is no grander site
Than you
In day
Or else in night


28 responses to “Espial

  1. I hold no thing above your thought
    keep no treasure more of worth
    I have no need for else in life
    but to know that you are mine.
    you penned thoughts that I could only imagine
    saying to a love.Thank you for sharing yourself.

  2. The flowing words give this a delightful edge,
    you have offered us a fine piece of woven artistry
    here Vampire Weather and I must congratulate
    you on your most excellent offering, it is great 🙂


  3. Wonderfully written, but most important was what you had to say. Took me several minutes of coming to terms with and maybe my general intepretation is wrong, but the beauty of this is that it elegantly invites one to explore.

    This is what I really like about this — nicely engages one to come to terms. Out of the darkness a shape is created that hosts life. But not parasitic — it is clung to for comfort. At first I thought the earth — but I realize this is more spiritual. So this could be Hope as created by a Creator — whether that is the son of God, belief in something more, etc. However you say it is born, not created. And the last lines of sleep bring me back to the earth. But I think this is something like Hope, Forgiveness, Love — some kind of concept that — but once again I am challenged “wake when sated”. Well, I have to think about this some more, but will link to on the page “Excellent Articles and Posts” to ensure I come back to later.

    • I really appreciate your time and consideration for this poem. I am honored you enjoyed it enough to think it through so well. I intentionally ignored any attempt to organize it or even rhyme it in most instances and just wrote to express. I’m thankful you took time to read it 🙂

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