The Thought My Eye Reflected

Today I saw a curiosity
In a shop window
A faint writing etched in glass
But as I drew near it vanished in a haze

Then, once further on, it appeared to me
In a vagrant cloud
As if blotted on the plume
But as I observed it faded in a wisp

Words–unclear–that I struggled long to read
In that fleeting glimpse
To no avail my eyes strained
But presently appeared to be too distant

Then, in the night, upon my pillow crept
And as my eyes closed
Read clear, impressed upon my brain
The thought my eye reflected was: “uoy ssim I”

27 responses to “The Thought My Eye Reflected

  1. ‘She recalls that piece of paper on which he
    scrawled β€œWords are the pegs on which experience
    is hung out to dry.” ‘

    But you, my dear, can get damn close at time. Thank you.

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