No Reply

I found the tears
They were waiting for me
In the driver’s seat
On an empty street
Parked over the line
Where no one cared
Jill Phillips told me
“If we danced like this everyday”
But I cannot breathe
And just barely move
Enough to push it out
All of it out
This God-awful pain
But I don’t complain
I can be civil and sweet
Faceless and obsolete
I just wish that life
Could go away
Stop nursing me back to health
Just leave me here
To slip into the dark
In the car
With a guitar and a bleeding heart
Beneath blinking red lights
Can I come home tonight?
“I want to go home tonight”
I. Want. To. Go. Home.
But there is no reply


50 responses to “No Reply

  1. A rather melancholy poem Vampire Weather
    but when one is feeling down, the only way to
    go is upwards and as the strength is returned,
    so does the positive edge 🙂 Be well my friend


  2. I understand the pain of wanting to go home…But we have work yet to do. And you have the love in your heart to do it.
    So very well written, my friend.


  3. such saddness and the power in wanting. to many times did i place myself alone in the dark wishing to just dissapear. wanting to only go home. beautifuly writen thank you!

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