Eyes threaded like needles
Sewn up with crude little stitches and sealed
Lips tied up with ribbons
Beautifully binding the passage of sound
Barbed wire and fences
Guarding the secrets we never revealed
Lashed, knotted and twisted
Under these cables that hold it all down

But, underneath, the rest of me
Is struggling to breath
And it may be the death of me
But I would like to leave
If only it were safe to be
The things that I have been…
I want them to unfasten me
And let the sunlight in

41 responses to “In

    • And there are so many metaphors in “sunshine”. I doubt I contain any of them at the moment. I feel like a black hole. But I miss the sunshine inside. I would surely give it out freely if I could right now

    • Thank you. I don’t feel like “wonderful” is quite fair, but it is very generous. “Sad”, however, is pretty much a perfect description of the heart from which it all originates. I appreciate the kind words

  1. Very strong, very truth-telling! I really feel the barbed wire twising us and the stitched up lips describe so accurately what society expects us to do. We are not to be truly known. And you are so very correct in acknowledging the need to let in the sunlight! (P.S. So glad to be following your blog now. I was finally able to see the truth in your choice of blog name.)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, how often I have felt I have been bound within myself and you put it to words wonderfully. πŸ™‚ It takes time to undo all the binding, but one day we will be able to free ourselves.

  3. Dear Friend, this is absolutely beautiful, yet, extremely heartbreaking…may you see the light soon and feel the sun’s rays on your face. I’m sending additional warm hugs your way~

  4. VW, such an exquisitely written piece of poetry – I can feel the pain of your words, and that craving for relief. Wishing you will see and feel the sunshine soon, – both inside of you and outside. Your light shines through in spite of your feeling of being so bound right now.

    I know this sounds corny, but I’m sending you heartfelt hugs and vibrations of Love and Light – from across the miles!

    • Thank you so much. Not corny at all. I am very grateful for all the encouragement right now. As a reader, you probably know more about my life than even my family and friends, so many days this is the only contact I have. Thank you

  5. One day the light will be so blinding that it will
    generate the warmth and positive energies in

    And then all the days that follow will brighten
    those shadows, leaving only a pleasing light of
    positivity, replacing all of the melancholy times
    and creating a feeling of euphoria…

    Have a very Merry Christmas Vampire Weather πŸ™‚


  6. I feel the stark emotions from each line goes directly into my senses, although it is a sad poems but I can help to say it is beautifully written, I miss this for quite sometimes as well as you’re art, awesome… :-)… hope u’re ok, VW?

    • I stopped posting for a while because it hurt. Sometimes, when the world looks so distorted, it is hard to like anything I write. I wanted to post, but I hated everything I was writing and I was just having a hard time. The silence was my form of expression I suppose. It just hurt too bad to speak it. Words can only express so much. Thank you for missing me. It means a lot to know someone notices when I am away

  7. I will not embroider what has already been written above. I will not point out the artistic skill, the stark beauty or the heart-wrenching pain described here. I will instead whisper the name of the key instead, the word that no one has mentioned.


    Not easy; may seem impossible. Certainly very frightening. But here is the weakest spot, the wooden horse that disguises the hidden way in/out; daring to somehow regain trust by the paradox of daring to trust

    Travel well, and dangerously, yet victoriously.

    (I have been told I can be trusted.)

    • Thank you Ben. You elaborately achieve the things you carefully avoid, and add your own unique perspective. I always treasure your thoughts and opinions! Trust is a difficult thing. Sometimes trust, alone, does not change the heart of the world which holds you captive

      • Indeed, we may not change the heart of the world, but then it is not ours to change. Besides, what we normally see is not the heart of the world, but our perspective on it, and that we *may* have a chance to modify.

      • I once told someone that, in the grand scheme of things, most of us can barely manage to make less than a hundred people unhappy with us at a time. Out of 7 billion people, most of which wouldn’t much care what we did, it is amazing that a few people or maybe even one person can make us feel as though the world itself is reacting a certain way. Good thoughts

      • So it’s just a question of joining the dots then and there is a chance we might be able to improve things for ourselves and those around us if we play our cards skilfully . πŸ˜‰ Sorry about the mixed metaphors.

  8. Such vivid imagery you create with a masterful quill, dipped in the ink of dark emotions. If we are struggling to breathe, it means we are still breathing. And you breathe such raw honesty through your words.
    This is a beautifully written poem, yet I ache when I read it, wishing the sunlight would dry the ink and fade it to a bearable blue.

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