Just another eve
Another star
Another night
To paint our lives
Across the canvas
Of the seconds passing by

Just another eve
Another thought
Another dream
To tuck away
Under the covers
Of a constellated sky

Just another eve
Another smile
Another tear
To fill the ocean
Of our lonesome
Sort of regal mysteries

Just another eve
Another heart
Another beat
To change the course of
Our tomorrow
If tonight you can believe


44 responses to “Eve

  1. This is a gem, VW. I love every Stanza and feel each sits in bold, perfect simplicity giving the gift of a greater message that belies the few words. There is the energy of inherent wisdom in these words, that feel as though it has flowed, uninhibited from your soul.

    I love your poetry in its totality, but this one I really, really loved.

  2. Dear VW, I’m home now and catching up on reading and writing! I love this one; it feels magical and a lovely poem for Christmas Eve. I wish you a wonderful new year and can’t wait to read more of your awesome poetry!
    Lauren πŸ™‚

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