A shape for a space and a space for a shape
Everything placed in the place it belongs
Circles and squares of predictable make
Molded to fit into holes of their size
An edge for an edge at the angles it takes
Guided inside where the others have gone
Perfectly made so they associate
Coupled in patterns and gathered in piles
But I am outside


28 responses to “Outside

  1. Being inside can be felt as a comfort, with being outside an alienation.


    Being inside can be felt as a limitation, with being outside a freedom.

    Is one’s subjective view of experience be any more than a pov?

  2. VW, – I love this, (as I always do your poetry!) The non-conformists are the ones who evolve society – or at least evolve themselves. It’s a hard road, being on the “outside”, but the rewards are great. This is pleasantly lyrical, and wonderfully DEEP!

  3. Everything (everybody else?) has its place, but you are outside (only you are left out?) Extremely wonderful collage, so evocative of your message. Very successful. Instead of falling through the cracks, we sometimes wish to squeeze back in between the cracks! We thereby put our own selves “in a tight spot”, do we not?

  4. Here I go again…..

    Boxes are for squares
    Triangles are for losers
    Circles are for the lame
    I draw my shapes
    Crooked and wavy
    Jagged and soft
    Thick and thin
    Only the abstract
    Catches my whim


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