Kinetic Pantomime

We, in kinetic pantomime
Soaking rustic sunsets
Through dreamlike pores
Are evermore
And never were

We, in fused schisms
With effortless grace
Bequeathed by flames
Are tempered steel
And feather down

We, in double helix
Breathe rainbows into love
Like winter storms
Between despair
And open air


25 responses to “Kinetic Pantomime

  1. I found reading this felt like blowing dandelion seeds, that floated away to bring forth entire plants elsewhere.; light as air yet full of hidden strength, thrust and life force.

  2. I have noticed your last few poems have been taking a turn.

    I think maybe your light and direction is letting go and in the in-betweens; complace, calm, difficult and challenging, it is here in your heart. Love.


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