Paper Cuts

Paper cuts
Like razor blades
On tired wrists
A slow release
In rhythmic drips
A clock that ticks

Stretching words
Like knotted rope
From silent lips
Fraying and coarse
The knot–it slips
To snap my neck

Swallowed thoughts
Like colored pills
From bottled hopes
An overdose
A last recourse
My sentence passed


51 responses to “Paper Cuts

  1. What Angela said – I feel the pain in these words, but also the beauty in your style. VW, this poem makes me want to reach out with a poetic, healing hug. Your deep passion, and your spirit shine through in every line. I’m in awe of your writing, and feeling empathy!

  2. Beautifully focussed. I do hope that in 2012 you are given something less painful to need to express. I am impressed by what emerges, but I never forget the pain that births them.

  3. Your words provoke. The last line is perhaps ambiguous. Has the sentence been passed, or has it passed by? Has the sentence been carried out or has it been set aside? Death/life? Despair/hope?

  4. You’re amazing with your poems. The words tumble beautifully. I liked “like coloured pills from bottled hopes” – could imagine it. Bottled hopes…

    You truly are a poet; your choice of words is clearly crafted.

    I really like the picture too.

  5. Vampireweather, how artfully you describe the condemnations and tiny sentences pronounced by nay-sayers around us. May we all get unconditional pardons in 2012.

    • I tend to forget compliments as soon as I read them so as not to become prideful, therefore your compliments will always be fresh and new regardless of what was said before 🙂

      Thank you Holly. Your encouragement is much appreciated

  6. Something about this reminded me of Seneca and his end, and while people go on and on about its “sadness” and “beauty”, what I admire about it is its harshness and austerity.

    • A fitting response, my friend. I feel no shortage of harshness lately. I have often restricted my postings for that very reason, for they are often ceaselessly selfish and discouraging. I appreciate your insight 🙂

  7. You slash
    But instead of a gash
    You leave a nick
    Again and again
    I’d prefer you to evicerate
    Than cut me once more
    With your paper sharp hate

    Beautiful poem about an ugly thing.

  8. So happy I decided to dive into this category! Can’t believe I missed this when you actually published it. Loved it.

    (Wow, way to sound super-cheerful when the poem was actually really heartbreaking! But I did enjoy it!)

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