There are many things, I guess
That are better left in lore
Though I could have loved you less
I could never love you more
When our stories have been read
They will think us all a myth
For the chapters we have penned
And the plots we chose to twist


41 responses to “Lore

      • VW, I choose my words carefully with every comment I write, speaking only my truth. And you, dear friend, deserve every last heartfelt nuance of energy that I extend to you as I appreciate the wonderful resonance your poetry invokes in my soul. It is my wish, that you could feel this too; you are a truly beautiful soul, for the words your write could not come from any other.

      • I am deeply grateful. I could never tire of positive emotions, especially of late. Your words, especially those of your own poetry, are always greatly appreciated. You are quite a successful exhorter and I am blessed that you take the time to share your thoughts

  1. “And the plots we chose to twist” – such a powerful line – (it made me go “wow!”) Another great poem, V W – I’m running out of superlatives to describe your talent! On top of that, I can identify with “They will think us all a myth”. (Whew!!)

  2. and the waters that we swam in all where whirl pools black and deep
    the meeting that we missed were rendezvous we failed to keep.

    I love this poem I love they way you have written it . I hope you did not mind me adding the above two lines. xx

  3. We were the perfect two
    You perfect for me and I for you
    Then we fell apart
    Like a castle of old
    Left in ruin, but still with pride
    Our love was too bright and bold
    To exist in an earthly setting
    We now make for good gossip and wishes
    Of a love that came from the soul
    Not just lusty kisses

    I know the sentiments in your poem too well. I think I needed your words as a channel to rid myself of the above feelings, so thank you. xxx

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