Sky On Fire

Corona-struck horizon lines
Emblossomed Into sparks and lit
A blanket of the clouds aflame
Atop the western reach
Their crumpled edges flickered white
Against a hint of coming night
And lit the sky in fire bright
‘Till every corner each
Inherited the ember hues
That painted red an evening sand
And spilt upon our tender skin
In final faded pleas
But we denied the dying sky
Until at last the blaze on high
Inhaled its final breath and died
Extinguished by the sea


37 responses to “Sky On Fire

  1. Nice poem VW!
    And I must say it made me laugh the tag that said who even reads tags…. lol I almost always read them. I like to ser where you categorize your poems.

  2. Shining bright against the dark
    Blazing the sky a blinding stark
    Streaking like nothing is there
    To stop the rushing flame
    A wall of hopeful hearts
    An arrow of hope
    The answer to a world of pain
    Helping the hurt to cope
    A bleach against the ugly stain

    To me your poem represented more than simply a brilliant sunset. To me it was a hope almost lost and at the last moment revieved.
    Someday, perhaps I will figure out how you write such brilliant imagery. Or perhaps some things are better left unexplained.

    • Once again your lovely poetry is a welcomed addition to my little realm.

      It is not at all difficult to explain…poetry is only as brilliant as the tastes of those who appreciate it. Truly, it is you and others who choose to see it as such that make anything “beautiful”. Therefore beauty, being in the eye of the beholder, could not exist if you did not venture here and make it so. Thank you for making my work beautiful

  3. Dramatically gorgeous artwork and poem here, vampire, that reminds me of the displays of the aurora borealis we kids used to be waked up by our parents to watch in winter in Mississippi in the 50s.

  4. Your words are well placed & coloured, definitely – like they all say – but where on earth do you get your pictures? From reading granbee, it seems like you create these paintings? Absolutely beautiful – just, the colour, smudge, the – I don’t know how to say it! Like the impact!

    • I enjoy art. Since I wanted to keep my blog mostly anonymous I was not sure how to share my art, so I decided to destroy some of it. Everything you see is either something I photographed, created digitally, or hand drew. In some cases it is a mixture of all three, but each piece is uniquely altered and only posted here to go with the poem. Many of the images contain people, places, or things which inspired me to write. I am in some images. Some are of people I love. Thank you so much for taking time to enjoy them. I hope they are always unique and entertaining 🙂

  5. And you were worried about my little haiku??? 🙂 This is stunning and so is the image accompanying it and the one you portray! Oh, and yes, I also laughed at your “who even reads tags!” 🙂

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