Artless Stabbings

My intent to caress
Made a mess of the thought
And I murdered my lines
Such a waste
Such a crime

Is it art? Does it rhyme?
No, the pulse has been stopped
Taking stabs at this…what?
This release?
This insult

I despise every word
My attempts, I repent
Feeling sick unto death
Nothing made
Nothing left

So I stab and I stab
Until life trickles out
And the art–it is dead
We are both
Fully bled


35 responses to “Artless Stabbings

  1. Sometimes it seems so hard to express our thoughts or put words to our emotions, and even when it seems the “art is dead” you are still able to convey this in such a way it makes me want to read it over and over again. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you. Sometimes, no matter what I write, I just hate all of it or feel like I cannot create what I want to create. Sometimes I feel unable to express properly, and sometimes I just don’t like how I feel, so expressing it is no fun. Either way, “taking a stab at it” seems violently accurate sometimes πŸ™‚

      • I am glad you are still taking a stab at it πŸ˜‰ hopefully it wont have to be so violent in the future…. unless you want it to be

  2. Its So true VW somedays what ever I write, even though last night it might have been one of the best lines, cut me, make me think what was i thinking…and the ink just doesnt do justice to the path of my thoughts..
    but the poetry that came out of your restlessness is so beautiful:-)

  3. I’m in this mind set right now; maybe from being sick, I don’t know, but it’s frustrating and the way you conveyed what most writers experience is both beautiful and haunting. That “publish” button seems frightening, at times~

  4. Oh, V W, I’m so glad you keep taking “stabs” at writing your poetry. Every writer struggles with these self-doubts, methinks. It’s impossible to really express those ineffable ideas we have, (like, how do we really transfer our thoughts and feelings into someone else’s understanding?) So all we can do is keep putting words down on paper and keep on hoping others will read between the lines and FEEL what we’re trying to say. Most poets are intuitive and WILL understand. All I know is that you are an amazing poet, and your poetry communicates more than you realize. Hugs to you, and much gratitude for your poetic gift!

    • You never cease to feed my ego πŸ™‚

      I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. There is so much “art” in the world, and I realize that there is someone who might like just about anything, but as a creator the ultimate fulfillment is to look at your work and feel that you accomplished your intentions. It is that frustration that sometimes drives us to keep trying and sometimes discourages us and makes us want to quit, but either way, the opinion is often the bottom line, for who really decides what is “good”? Ultimately, I do I guess, and when I don’t like my stuff I just don’t lol. Thank you!

  5. I will agree wholeheartedly with Betty: we FEEL you, we FEEL you! Even your “stabs” make music to our souls’ ears, vampy! We all have those “rip up the paper with crossing out madly” days. Write on, write on, oh brave stabber soldier!

  6. Even in the struggle to find that perfect line,
    the exact word, or rhyme you manage to add
    a most excellent poem…

    I think that sometimes we seek perfection when
    it has already been found my wickedly fine friend…

    Have a great Tuesday
    and just let your pen flow πŸ™‚


  7. I can’t explain why I am smiling after reading this piece maybe because at this moment this piece is so timely with me because I cannot post my new post because I feel like I am lost with the words, so I stab and stab and nothing left than I… lol… I love this post… πŸ™‚

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