Joining Only Hands

Bind me not
To groups nor parties
For these are formed to fail
With frail positions pounded out
From clay and fragile things
I take my leave
And ask
To hold no allegiance
Save in joining
Only hands

And if a war is struck
Or fire-breathing dragons
Challenge knights of my realm
I choose to fight
For good and right
Alone or adjacent
Without the slightest regard to title
Or stature, as it may appear
And joining
Only hands

Aside with pretense
For I need no such elevation
Call me a peasant
Without a band or crown
A face in the crowd
Who bows to no one
And everyone–equally
Skin nor caste replace
The bravery of joining
Only hands

If you must ask
“What side will you defend?”
I will depend on love
To know no enemies
And take no prisoners
To cast no shadow so large
It may consume
The innocent
When joining
Only hands


29 responses to “Joining Only Hands

  1. VW, that is so beautiful – I want to sing it out loud. “Joining only hands” – what a superb phrase that is – and a great anthem. You continue to impress… not just with your poetic expertise, but with the content – the deeply felt independent spirit. Amen to this!

  2. I need no treaty
    No binding oath
    To fight for what I believe
    And if you do
    Then shame on you
    For if you are
    Truly faithful to your cause
    Then you need nothing
    But your heart to guide you
    I’ll not be swayed
    By pretty words and bribes
    My feet are planted firm
    And it’s about time the world learned
    That signatures mean nothing
    And actions are everything

    How inspiring!!! Yes, we only need hands!! That’s all it takes!!!
    This is my favorite, thus far, you know how much I love the idea of a united world.
    Andrea xoxo

  3. Oh VW this just made my day what a beautiful creation…we so need this poem in these turbulent times when people have forgotten that before all the class,caste,religion we all are human..Bravo my friend for such beautiful thoughts

    • Thank you, Soma. There are so many organizations and factions seeking allegiance that sometimes I wonder why we place such importance on titles. Positions are needed, no doubt, but people are people and I do not stand on one side or the other politically when it comes to life.

  4. “I will depend on love”
    So lovely of a thought, though daunting at times. Love is the best to depend on. Very nicely written, VW once again! You amaze me with your ability to reach so many with your words and images. ❀

  5. Yes hands are coming from all directions. Isn’t it wonderful to have a virtual family??? Very profound as always… the words are very easy to relate to!

  6. Casting no shadows–an utterly worthy goal for any of us. Extremely well-developed follow through on the concept of independent virtue and love for mankind. I totally sign off on this independent stance in order to remain benign: “doing no harm” when reaching out for another’s hand. Far and away the best I have read from you, vampire! Congratulations on a master work!

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