So delicate against my palm
My pretty bird
I held you close
And cradled you when you would come
To call upon me

With every note your precious song
Awakened love
Inside my heart
A symphony of open sky
And clouds below me

I curse the cold that drove you out
A banished form
A faded tune
To come no more against my ears
Or cheer the lonely

And pray someday you may return
My migratory
Little bird
I paid your passage with my tears
And miss you always

49 responses to “Migratory

  1. VW, I read this over 4 times… it’s so sad and lovely. It needs to be put to music! What a haunting, beautiful song it would be – with maybe Art Garfunkel singing it. Can you hear it? I can… Wonderful poetry, once again!

    • It is much safer for birds to migrate. T’would be selfish to wish them to stay, and selfish to prevent them from going. It is no fault of theirs, and they are ever as beautiful in any weather. Perhaps one day the warmth will return šŸ™‚

  2. “I paid your passage with my tears
    And miss you always”

    So sweet and sad and romantic and lonely and protective and honest and caring

    This poem is truly wonderful. Thank you f

  3. Once again you well my eyes, with your heart break of lost love…I do hope it will return to you. The poem is excellent, and truly from within your heart.

  4. Completely “finished” poem, here, vampire, as only you can do. Nothing left dangling or out of sync. Amazing how you keep doing this! Anyway, I totally celebrate your use of the little lost bird on a migratory journey, held briefly, then cried over, as a most appropriate metaphor for our treasured-for-a-brief-while friendships that we, and they, migrate away from out of the necessity to keep body and soul together a little longer. I am treasuring this one, the bird lover that I am.

  5. If you haven’t read the poem There’s A Bluebird In My Heart by Charles Bukowski I suggest you might like to do so. It is my favorite poem, and yours very much reminded me of it.

  6. A poem of a broken heart
    and a lost love… Sometimes
    one has to be without that
    beatiful song to know what
    the silence really means…

    Have a very nice rest of
    weekend Vampire Weather šŸ™‚


  7. I just love the images you put up with your poems – they’re excellent.

    This is beautiful flow – like a river of love. Just lovely.

  8. Beauty is held not only in the words, but in the hand of inspiration.. a truly inspired poem.. remember although our love-birds may from time to time migrate over seas, they usually return. Even if it may not be the same bird we held within our palm… We can still share that love…

    Wonderful poem here my friend xx ~Dreamwalker

  9. This is “gorgeous” pain, if that’s alright to say–it gets to me, both the pain and the beauty. Wonderful writing! My first visit, by way of Betty (Raindance Poetry). Thank you for your previous visits to my blog, by the way–I’m incredibly late in responding, not usually so ill-mannered!

  10. Hopefully, your little bird will return with a twig in it’s beak šŸ™‚ Sheer genius…the way you capture pain in such a graceful way. Hope all is well my friend.

  11. They say that if you let something go and it returns then it is truly yours.
    I am also wondering if mine will return. I wish you well. Always enjoy your writing, somehow they seem to resonate with me each and every time. Have a good day.

    Franchesca x

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