If My Pen Were A Friend We Would Not Be On Speaking Terms

The ink is so black
The words are so dark
I must be writing from the heart

The stains are so deep
The lines are so weak
I must be writing from the heart

The thoughts are so sad
The quill is so sharp
I must be writing from the heart

The strokes are so bleak
The notes are so scarred
I must be writing from the heart

49 responses to “If My Pen Were A Friend We Would Not Be On Speaking Terms

    • I am in moderate health, secretly apathetic, with a schizophrenic appetite and a totally uninspired list of writings which I cannot decide whether to publish or not…so I posted this. I have a lot of stuff written but just don’t like any of it. You know? πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, I know the feeling very well. The predicament of being a genius πŸ™‚ Not that I am… Anyway, I know your ingenuity will spill on these pages again soon and we’ll all love it! πŸ™‚

  1. The words on the paper are red
    They came from deep inside
    And are written words not to be said
    Please paper, I must confide
    Just swallow them up
    I don’t want them anymore
    And bleach them away
    Like a stain on the floor

    I love the title, I use a pencil but it’s still the same concept, it would hate me, overworked and underpaid as it is

  2. I can feel your emotion in this one, VW, and I think you “speak” for many of us, don’t you think? I posted a poem last night; my kids liked it, so I did and wasn’t sure about it, at all..that darn publish button! But, it’s been “liked” so you just never know. We are our own worst critics! I’m sure you’ve heard that one before and you know we all love you! πŸ™‚

    • Something about the fact that there is only a “like” button makes me think I get lopsided reviews, but honestly I am grateful for the generosity of others, and the fact they aren’t too hard on my ramblings πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Lauren on this, we are our worst critics,which is good but can be binding us at times…loved the way you depicted how we can a lot of times doubt our own heartfelt emotions..

  4. Whatever color the ink, it seems we poets all wear our hearts on our sleeves, so often fueled by pain and doubt. I’m must thankful that you keep sharing your excellent work with us,VW – keep publishing, keep publishing!!!!!

  5. This is so thoughtful! from an artist’s point of view-which you are-when I paint I think of what the light is doing, what the marks made contribute, or the placement on the page, sound, color, taste
    your awareness is outstanding!

  6. Poor heart , be careful the nibs on the pen and that quill are so sharp if you are not paying attention they may scar it deeply! ..Wonderful words and flow and such a sad message. xx

  7. Inspired. πŸ™‚

    This is so successful that I think your pen must be wanting to make up. Can you not see it in your heart to reconcile and give her another chance to prove her worth?

  8. all of your pieces shared here always touch my heart and honestly moves me… There are times I shared some post which I am not so sure if my readers will feel the way I feel when I am writing the pieces, and thinking that if someone who read this well like it? But for me the most important part in sharing our wordings is we wrote it from our heart…. And I may say this is why I love your wordings because all strikes to my heart… love this post… πŸ™‚

    • I feel a combination of responsibility to my personal feelings and responsibility to the interest of the readers and sometimes I honestly just feel like my “feelings” are too overwhelmingly sad or dark and my readers deserve better. Thank you!

  9. VW, I totally agree with Lauren and others here in empathizing with how hard it is to push that “publish” button. I really feel that this “dark” poem is one of your most heartfelt I have ever read. It is very polished, concise, organic, and complete. Success here, VW!

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