What tense are in you in?
Do you have? Have you had?
Was it ever so good? Is it ever so bad?

What tense are you in
Where you are? Where you were?
Was it nice? Is it right? Was it him? Is it her?

What tense are you in?
Can you think–Have you thought
That the feelings you feel are still felt from the heart?

What tense are you in?
I have, had, and will keep
A love for you there that is present and deep


32 responses to “Tense

    • Haha I asked myself that as I wrote it. How do I see things? Do I prefer now or before? Or perhaps something yet to come. My conclusion is there is only now and the rest is largely unnecessary to consider

      • I find myself often being reminded that tomorrow becomes today and when it does today becomes yesterday and the only one of the three you can truly effect is today. If you have any living to do, it must be done today, for it is the only day you have to live

  1. The last two lines are a perfect way to end this poem. Absolutely beautiful and thought provoking. It makes me smile all over to read this. Your way with words is still out of this world amazing.

  2. **I have, had, and will keep
    A love for you there that is present and deep**

    Beautiful ending…
    And I loved reading your comments about the “present”, I am working hard on being there. 🙂

  3. What an interesting play with words….You got me thinking about where, when, why, have and had now. You’re very clever…Great poem, VW.
    Hugs, xx

  4. Oh I quite Like This! Very original way of relating it to grammatical tense!!! I hadn’t thought of that before, and love it when poets show me a new view. Thanks God bless you today.

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