You lie
You lie
You evil thing
You look so much like one I love
But you are only pixels made to mimic what I crave

You lie
You lie
You wicked light
A mockery of smiles and life
You useless substitution for the things I fight to save

You lie
To me
So bold, you do
And I, too desperate to see
Am taken in your faking like a starving little wretch

You lie
You give
Me plastic food
But still I grasp it hungrily
This tiny morsel of the thought–the last of what is left


39 responses to “Mimic

  1. Great word-crafting, VW, even the look of this poem is spiky adding to the anger and desperation.

    I’ve been reading your poems whilst I’ve been ‘off-line’ and unable to comment and have enjoyed the rhythm of purging that you are creating – making me wish and hope for a tipping point poem. Whether this will come or not, who knows, but the longing in your words keeps me hanging on as a reader; like I am reading a never-ending book.

    Your talent shines, dear friend. πŸ™‚

  2. Your anger comes through loud and clear and your words touched on the truth of being so desperately hungry, that the truth is unseen (repeating what others have mentioned, but this metaphor really moved me)~another intense piece, VW!

  3. Right now, I am experiencing certain bloggers “lying” to themselves, and thus to all of us. I am in mediation over these, so I know how the author feels about persisten, self-betraying lies from another. Excellent lines to express this self-destructive behavior we all unfortunately encounter in our lives.

    • In this case, it was viewing an image and thinking of it as a lie–a picture of something not there, and the hollow feeling of frustration when seeing something you can’t quite reach. Thank you granbee. I’m not sure what you are referring to about bloggers lying, but I appreciate your thoughts πŸ™‚

  4. MMM, VW!!!

    You lie
    You lie
    You cunning one
    You said you had no inspiration left
    But you filled our hunger once again with just the verve we crave!

    haha, I can’t even match the rhythm or the skill. This is a really good piece, dear talented one!

  5. Awesome poetry as always my friend. I just know someday I’ll see a trend of new beginnings here and writings of hopeful bliss. For now, just enjoying it as it is and I say thanks for always expressing everything as you do. You’re one of the few I follow so diligently.

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