Heightening the voltage
Call it current circumstance
I am tightening the wires
Buried deep beneath my skin

Plunging in the dosage
Call it getting to the point
I am ready for sedation
But the needle must have bent

Strap me down–steel restraints
Hold me back from what I want
Everything is damaged in the brain

Pardon me–it’s just the pain
I was once…no, never mind
I have always been a bit this way

36 responses to “Damaged

  1. VW!!! you did it once again!!!! I have a few pieces of poetry here that I should probably post soon but all in good time πŸ™‚ In the mean while, I’ll enjoy the mental exercises you present from that brilliant mind.

  2. A difficult subject to write about but you’ve done it so artfully (and cleverly – with “current circumstance”). You continue to amaze me with your poetry, VW. Perhaps we can all relate to this a little bit, in one way or another (literally and metaphorically….)

  3. Wonderful words. I love the intensity – voltage/plunging/heightening. Really well written. And I really liked the ending.

  4. I was almost expecting the adage of insane,
    in a metaphorical sense i mean, and what a
    nicely weaved poem my great friend…

    Very well written Vampire Weather πŸ™‚


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