Sarcasm: The Last True Language Of Love

God so loved the world
But the world so loved itself
Strike a match and start it up
We could use a bit of help

Everything is broken
But we play with it just fine
Keep your hands inside the circle
Keep your things away from mine

Oh, they call it falling
Call it falling if you like
But we fell before we started
And we all are brokenhearted

Dissonance is bliss
All our comedy is free
Light up this apocalypse
And save a seat for me

Amorous and oh-so-coy
Inflated with the words you say
If love is indestructible
Then plunge it through my arteries

Perhaps the silver bullet
To a world full of intelligence
Is found within the confines
If our cynical romanticism

Just when I thought arrogance
Could be the death of us
I took a chance on sentiments
And got shot right through my gut

36 responses to “Sarcasm: The Last True Language Of Love

  1. This is the exact moment that youve gone to the next level as a writer, as a craftsman. I’ve seen you slowly evolve and mature but you’ve just gone to the next level. You’ve learnt to get out if your own way and write it down. Impressive.

  2. Your work just keeps getting better and better. You get too much better and poetry and I won’t be able to understand them anymore…Which is my problem of course.
    Excellent work VW!
    Hugs, xx

    • Haha, when you don’t understand something, it is the fault of the communicator in most circumstances. That’s when you just smile and nod like I make any sense at all…which at times I do not πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your kind words

  3. This is a wonderful poem, which encapsulates much of how our Earth has become, as we become selfish and use sarcasm with each return of phrase. β€˜Man-kind’ has not evolved much in his development, and does not deserve the β€˜Kind’ to describe his species.. As he cuts with words just as deep as any knife.. leaving scars that lay hidden beneath the surface of many..
    You have excellent talent and your use of words here have a professional touch..
    Love and Blessings~Sue

  4. Sarcastic poem that tells so much truth, no kidding! Indeed, we have to approach love and life sideways (sarcastically?) to see the right side of it, don’t we?

  5. “Everything is broken, but we play with it just fine”…”Call it falling if you like, but we fell before we started, And we all are brokenhearted” I tip my hat to you my friend. Always a pleasure.

  6. God loved the world but the world loved itself! What an opening and then it just gets better and better, I am just knocked sideways everything about this poem is wonderful! As ever VW you write amazing poetry! Thank you for sharing!

  7. One of the best piece for me from you VW, wow, this is well crafted and very much impressive, and speak so much reality, the world loves you but the world love it self….

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