A Question Is An Answer

A question is an answer if the answer is a question
A mystery is ruined when the secrets are all told
A moment is a lifetime when you live within the moment
The past was once our present but the future never comes
We love to hate the things we wish we never had to know
We hate to love the things we know we never can possess
We seem to be the best as seeing all the worst within us
But often we are worst at seeing what we do the best

I wish I wished I never knew you though I know I don’t
I’m glad to say I’m sad to know I never will forget
The smiles that make me cry inside and tears for which I smile
I’m proud that I’m ashamed to say I cannot find regrets
You’re always here when you are gone and present when you’re missing
I couldn’t do the things I could for fear I’m not afraid
A question is my answer when I ask if we are asking
For changes we would like to think we thought we might have made


33 responses to “A Question Is An Answer

  1. You see, VW! We are just running out of ways to commend such superb writing skills. You are a master of words. I’m pleased to learn at your feet, master 😀

  2. This poem is just crying out to meet a knowing smile
    And you can take it that you gave me one
    The moment you gave us this present is now past
    It was so satisfying it leaves us wanting more
    Your patients wait impatiently for more presents
    Which Doctor VP will prescribe in the future

  3. Only the soul really knows, VW. We must learn to be still, to just BE in order to find what is real for us, what is good for us. These words are my favorite in this poem (which accurately and lyrically describes our mental state much of the time):
    “We seem to be the best as seeing all the worst within us
    But often we are worst at seeing what we do the best.”

  4. This holds so much insight into Life here VW.. amazing and I agree with many comments here.. but the line in which our friend Granbee writes.. “”Only the soul really knows..”” We have all the answers within if we just ask the right questions and Listen back..
    Hugs and have a brilliant weekend.. Stay warm where ever you are. and Safe. ~Sue

  5. Awesome! You’re always finding new ways to write amazing things. This one is filled with facts and a rhythm that the mind takes with it even after reading. Always enjoying your art VW…

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