The Darkness

The darkness
The number of our days
The black abyss of dreams
The emptiness reluctantly I crave

The silence
The absence of a flame
The sacrifice of love
The solitude of losing it again

The anguish
The soft mortality
The ticking of the hands
The suffering that never will be seen

The distance
The place you used to be
The disarray of life
The questions we will never understand

The darkness
Is suffocating me
The accident of hope
The disappointments woven in our eyes

The darkness
The wreckage of belief
The vacuum in my soul
The sovereignty that could not be denied


24 responses to “The Darkness

  1. How wonderfully the artwork and the poem mirror each other. Here you have expressed lost love in such a way that implies the bereft one is beginning to find some peace, as proven in the last line that pronounces recognition of the right of self-choice on the part of the departed one. Wonderfully reassuring, somehow, in spite of the sadness. The rhythm of the very short lines worked very well to develop a sense of inner stillness and acceptance here.

  2. It was nice to find something positive to conclude the litany and trump everything that preceded it. At the end of the darkness, the light. Well planned and executed, I think.

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