Band of Gypsies

What are we
If not a band of gypsies
A ragtag parade
Of patchwork serenades
And I, the minstrel
In reverberating strains
Building chorus from chaos
And bridges from pain

What are we
If not a tribe of jesters
A knick knack collage
Of midnight sabotage
And I, in makeup
Performing for the stars
Stealing laughter from disaster
With a silicon heart


34 responses to “Band of Gypsies

  1. VW, I have to echo others here – this poem is “amazing” – and perfect! And to return a compliment you gave to me today, you are likewise one of the best poets I’ve read – here on WP and in other poetry groups through the years. You are a master poet!

    • It is hard for me to accept such grand compliments, but I’ve tried arguing with you before and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere yet, so I suppose I must just blush and say “thank you”. You are very kind to me πŸ™‚

  2. Oh we are all that and more…beautiful
    i want to dedicate a quote i read to this amazing creative piece
    β€œVerse is not written, it is bled;
    Out of the poet’s abstract head.
    Words drip the poem on the page;
    Out of his grief, delight and rage.”

  3. Lets dance on with each other as jesters defying with laughter any and all disasters! Yes, let us sing and dance and parade and perform cartwheels of defiance against disaster!

  4. Building chorus from chaos…

    You know something about chaos theory, I see, where the interactions of unpredictable motions and happenstance within chaos lead to order…or, in this case, chorus, song, a patchwork of serenades.

    May we all be gypsies and jesters

    Performing for the stars!

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