Dreams Of A Flightless Bird

A wisp of scented breeze
Over gently stirring fields
If time is here at all
Then it must be standing still
My heart escapes my chest
A balloon without a string
The body that it left
All the evidence it came

I want to drift away
Where the mountains meet the sky
Ascending on the storm
Like a bird

I want to disappear
Without waving a goodbye
The sun to keep me warm
On my way

A wisp of scented breeze
Is my harbinger of grace
If pain was ever real
Then it must have been erased
My dreams escape my head
Like a flock of winter geese
These endless numbered days
Are the path to my release

I want to drift away
Where the ocean hugs the shore
The tide beneath my wings
Like a bird

I want to disappear
Like the early morning dew
Alive again and new
On my way


48 responses to “Dreams Of A Flightless Bird

  1. “I want to disappear
    Without waving a goodbye”

    I know (I think) that mood, that same feeling, that almost longing

    The generous part of me says, “On you go. God speed.”

    But the selfish part says, “Not yet please. Our knowing of one another is not yet over and I want to give and receive more than we have yet managed.”

    The key word here appears to be “yet”, I see.

  2. I love this one and can relate to it very well – those images of release, of your heart as a balloon without a string! Wonderful. I need to come back and read this again when I have a chance. (This will go down as yet another favorite!)

  3. This is so beautiful it is either that once in a lifetime moment of true ecstasy, or the that second the soul leaves the body at the end of it’s life……. or maybe something completely different but as ever your poetry takes me to places I have never been before! Thank you .

  4. You and Me both VW… oh to just drift away and vanish! Poof! into thin air.. And join the cosmic universe.. in unconditional love..
    Another excellent Poem… Love and Light sent your way xx ~Sue

  5. Very beautiful, dream, waltzy poem to describe how many of us feel at times, especially when we are outdoors in a beautiful setting and wish we did not have to go back inside to the same ol’, same ol’!

  6. You write beautifully….I read your post over at Feb Poetic License, and wanted to check your blog ~

    I like the nature weaving in your words… there is hope at the edge of the shore ~

  7. “If time is here at all, then it must be standing still” . . .

    This is the key that unlocks this poem for me–for “time” above all is the delusional gravity that binds us to the earth and pins our pinions.

    Cheers Mate,


    • I’m sure Einstein would agree with you. Time is a commodity that seems to never lose it’s value, although I think we have yet to grasp the true nature of it. Chronology is perhaps the most mortal aspect of our understanding

  8. I want to drift away
    Where the mountains meet the sky
    Ascending on the storm
    Like a bird

    A paean to life! A song to the wonder inside us.

    Escape from time and find

    tide beneath my wings
    Like a bird

    Great poetry.

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