Elastic, Resilient

I stretch and bend but never break

I’m plastic
And brilliant
Invented for the worst mistakes

A perfect combination of
The hardest spine and weakest heart
Surviving hate to die of love
While holding things that fall apart

Afflicted by the purest cures
Astounded by the most mundane
Confused by things I know are sure
An innocent deserving blame


59 responses to “Elastic, Resilient

  1. This poem is fantastic. For some reason I was just notified of all your latest posts. I’ve missed you. Thank you for posting.

  2. That describe some one in a one sided or uneven relationship taking all the batterings gratefully catching the few meagre scraps thrown their way. Beautifully put lovely poem .xxx

  3. This poem is just awesome VW and I also suspect that it describes you… πŸ™‚ I wanted to add that although you talk about a ‘weakest’ heart, I think that is a great and admirable strength. Great work my friend!

  4. Brilliant word play, VW, and resilience is the strength we all strive for, as life’s experiences try to break us~this is one of my favorites (though, it’s hard to choose). Have a wonderful Saturday~ πŸ™‚

    • Forgive me, I have been under the weather for a little while and I have fallen behind on so many of my favorite blogs. I will do my best to get on that soon. I have not even been writing much, and the post I just published was written a month or so ago, but I didn’t want to let my followers down

  5. WOW–is this good, or what?!!! So sorry I’m behind in my visits here–but what a welcome back! Having trouble choosing one line I like best–“surviving hate to die of love” definitely resonated, but the whole final stanza is so rich–love it!!

  6. You always have such a unique way with words Vampire Weather. I love the line “Surviving hate to die of love”; it reveals a determination to never break or give into the darkness of the world. I’m glad I’ve had a chance to get back to the blogging world and read your post.

  7. “Surviving hate to die of love”: Isn’t that all of us romantics at times? Very concentrated, dense sort of poetry here that needs to be read and meditate upon, I suspect. Wonderfully memorable.

  8. VW, I don’t know what to add to all the comments here – everyone is right in their praise of this poem – and ALL your poetry! You just continue to amaze me with the way you so brilliantly put words together. How do you do it – so consistently?

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