5 After Midnight

The pixie dust
Long since swept up
Has left only a fading glow
Upon the harsh wooden floor
And I am here
Dangling between wand
And life
How long will I
Be caught between
Being the coachman and the dog
How long will I
Be snagged in thinking
The taste of these enchantments
Is bitter in the end
A hollow sound
Of fairy games
And riven souls


47 responses to “5 After Midnight

  1. Very much enjoyed this poem. I reread it several times and will probably do so again.
    And for myself too, dark inspires me.

  2. This puts me in mind of a verse from Dylan’s “Desolation Row”.

    Cinderella, she seems so easy
    β€œIt takes one to know one,” she smiles
    And puts her hands in her back pockets
    Bette Davis style
    And in comes Romeo, he’s moaning
    β€œYou Belong to Me I Believe”
    And someone says, β€œYou’re in the wrong place my friend
    You better leave”
    And the only sound that’s left
    After the ambulances go
    Is Cinderella sweeping up
    On Desolation Row

    Which in way diminishes your own fine take on that all too familiar scene in the fairy tale/pantomime. I especially like

    “A hollow sound
    Of fairy games
    And riven souls”

  3. Beautiful, VW, as always, even though inspired by dark moments..

    How long will I
    Be snagged in thinking
    The taste of these enchantments
    Is bitter in the end

    I hope someday the taste will be much sweeter~

  4. Wonderful description of that certain Magic – the illusion and the disillusionment, and being caught between. (And what is magical to me is how you weave your poetry so expertly. Amazing writing once again, VW!)

  5. We sit together
    Not knowing where we stand
    Both smiling
    Ignoring an ending
    Sprinkling magic dust
    Covering up the truth
    Happily aloof
    Stretching it out
    How long can we hang on
    To our off-beat song
    Just spreading that dust
    In life such lies are a must

    I have missed your writing!! Excellent poem to come back to!!
    Andrea xxxx

    • I will humbly accept the first part of your statement, though I want to protest, however I believe the second half is debatable. You have an incredible imagination, and I think you could be as amazing as you want to be with no restrictions πŸ™‚

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