Are we the embodiment–conflicted fictive eponym
Of amorism, tainted–like a monolith for martyrdom
Scandalizing passion with our profligated fashion
Disassociating servitude from actual attraction

Are we the antithesis–the artificial flavoring
Of catalogue compliance–like iconoclastic bravery
Subterfuge for living with superfluous misgivings
In redundant disapproval our dissident divisions

(forgive me for being away so long. I have been quite sick lately and I promise to make time to visit my blogs more now that I am in recovery mode)


44 responses to “Eponym

  1. The L-word getting some pretty bad press here then. (Though I can’t think of the average journalist having this level of linguistic ability.)

    I hope your health continues to improve. I’ll confess there is a touch of selfishness in this, I’m afraid.

  2. First off, get well quickly! Glad you are on the recovery side.

    Great poem. Love the accents, inner rhymes, coordinate sounds and rhythmic drive. The lack of predictable regularity heighthens the dynamic nature. Very well done!

  3. Wow, such a tongue twister…I have to go look up some of those words now. 🙂
    So sorry to hear you have been ill, VW. I thought you may have been away for working on a poem for us. I hope you are feeling much better now.
    Thank you too for the recent “like” on my post.

    Hugs, xx

  4. Very sorry you were sick, but man you’ve come out scorching – this was fantastic. I actually didn’t know the meaning of eponym & had to look it up – and that crunched up bit of martyrdom, fashion, attraction – that was just great. You really are great with these short, defined pieces. Excellent 🙂

    • You are too kind, and I am very grateful for your support. Language is such a difficult thing to master, and trying to learn my own gives me a greater appreciation for all my bilingual (or more) friends 🙂

  5. Very sorry you’ve been ill–please take all the time you need to rest well and recover–that’s far more important than blog-visiting. Sending extra prayers–God bless you.

  6. This is brilliant, VW, and I must also confess, I had dictionary.com close by, as my brain wasn’t familiar with some of your language! However, this is deep and extremely thought provoking, so thank you for the challenge. I’m also sorry to hear you were sick, but I’m glad you’re feeling better now. You’re always missed! Take care! 🙂

  7. “In redundant disapproval our dissident divisions” says it all for me, in your typically dense and brilliant manner. Welcome back! Praying for your continued health improvement!

  8. Hey with all those long words you will have me reaching for my dictionary next… Just kidding Vampire Weather I have enjoyed this one, and I hope that you are feeling much better since your illness? 🙂


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