Come awake
You pretty little star
My angel, unaware
Speak to me
In languages of stare

Come alive
You precious little ward
To protect
My sentimental heart
Dream of me
In reoccurring parts

Come away
You unassuming saint
The channels of desire
Be with me
Awaiting by the fire

Come inside
You interwoven soul
In deepening resolve
A paragon of love


43 responses to “Unaware

  1. VW, I love the “form” of this. The reader can take the first lines of each stanza and put them together (with commas), and the second lines, and so forth – and it would still make sense. It makes the poem multi-dimensional, and a beautiful song, in which I sense some wistfulness and a lot of love!

  2. “My angel, unaware, My sentimental heart, The channels of desire, In deepening resolve,”….just beautiful, VW! All of it, not just those lines.
    Hugs, xx

  3. Our heart’s most earnest desires here, so quietly and lovingly expressed in this very successful poem, perfect in form and language! These lines especially resonated with me:
    “Come inside
    You interwoven soul”

    The ideal lover is the soul-mate, for sure!

  4. A wonderful piece of poetry
    my fine and wicked friend 🙂

    Keep up the great work
    …..Vampire Weather…..


  5. I read this out loud and found that it is a powerful chant. The poem moves from its beginning, addressing a pretty little star, to the command to come inside where the
    interwoven soul
    In deepening resolve
    A paragon of love
    In the end I take this as a love poem, but, like Betty, I hear a wistful tone that interacts with the power words in each stanza’s third line: Surrogate, protect, separate, resurrect.
    This is just well done, again.

  6. I find I am am at a loss of words trying to describe the magnitude of this poem. So I shall the same as ever, Well done VW! So very sweet and awesome.

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