Too Soon

Press your fingers on the wound
We can’t
We can’t allow the blood
To leak away–this is too soon
A love no memory can fill

Breathe again–you cannot stop
I want
I need your eyes to move
Do not succumb collapse and swoon
These gashes surely have to heal

Take my hand–you must respond
I won’t
I cannot leave you now
If only just an utterance
Bestow a sound upon my ears

Look within these pleading eyes
We were
We are the stronger sort
No matter how our heart is hurt
The pain reminds us it is there

Oh, agony has pricked
Into the depths of what I hoped
But still the battle rages deep
Beneath the skin of my desire

Oh, the beauty we inflict
Upon a world that never knew
Has been distorted into blame
To feed the embers of our fire

Oh, you know I’d give the last
Of every breath I’ve yet to take
To pull you safely from the fray
Into the circle of my heart

Oh, you cannot slip away
Beneath the torrent of this pain
There is so much for which to stay
And I am not retreating yet


35 responses to “Too Soon

  1. I often think life is unfair when thinking about how much pain we endure. We have to give the ones we love the most often for reasons unknown to us. I feel your pain and appreciate the love.

  2. The craft of this poem is interesting. You work with five lines and the repeating rhythm of the third line. Then you change to a four line stanza, getting rid of the repeating rhythm. The new rhythm is based upon various expressions of Oh, culminating in
    Oh, you cannot slip away
    Beneath the torrent of this pain
    There is so much for which to stay
    And I am not retreating yet
    This strikes me as a poem before mourning, a poem where the poet is pulling back from fear about someone dying, a poem of courage where the poet is not retreating, is full of love, in the face of tremendous pain.

  3. VW, again, I can resonate with the subject of this poem. And how you put those words together in such expert expression always gives me a little thrill of discovery. (I love the tender defiance of the last 4 lines!)

  4. So very beautifully done, VW. Like a comment from above, it is the rhythm that speaks to be, encapsulating the words in your piece; it feels like fine glass around an orchid where the view changes with a movement of your hands. Wonderfully crafted. 🙂

  5. I’m going to sound so stupidly redundant–but WOW. You’re an absolute powerhouse with words of raw emotion–we are right there, ripped open as well.

  6. Binding up the wounds of the beloved, refusing to allow the hurts and pains to win out–so strongly expressed here–with a perfect piece of “bleeding, pieced-together” artwork! Thanks for your willingness to always write with such intensity.

    • I am not always willing, but sometimes I am unable to restrain it. Other times I am unable to summon it. My writing is slowly fading away, but I am pressing on as I am able. Thank you!

  7. When the loving embrace and the tender heart
    is lost, taken away, all that remains in it’s place
    where true emotion lived, is that overwhelming
    desire of life and to live it over again and again
    in a time without end…

    Have a very nice rest of
    evening Vampire Weather…

  8. within the darkness of void
    we rest, we reflect
    we remember
    putting each little…each big
    thought in some kind of order
    so when we climb out of the rabbit
    hole where we had tea wth the Mad Hatter
    Alice and the Queen of Hearts we realize
    the mushrooms eased the emotion
    of pain long enough to breathe again….
    sometimes words don’t matter…
    sometime one just feels the energy
    of what is written… and remembers
    the tea….and breathes…

    haunting in echoes….

    Beautifully created….
    keep writing….some need your words more


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