The bullet pierced the breast in flight
In plummet, life has traded light
For darkness as the feathers fall
It never touched the ground at all
But somewhere on the journey down
Relinquished fate and slipped away

‘Tis better to be killed midair
Than caged upon the ground in bars
Or traded for the songs you sing
Without the use of heart or wing
I would much rather die in love
Than live as though it’s not enough


54 responses to “Midair

  1. Beautifully done as always. I must have sneaked into your thoughts lol. I have one a similar title that I’m just about to post. But I’m afraid it doesn’t have the flair with which you write. Your work is breathtaking!

  2. Absolutely marvelous..yes the caged bird does sing but her soul dies ever second breathing dreaming of the love she had had,of the wings and her proud flight of freedom….
    beautiful the deathwish of the caged soul

  3. I love this. It made me cry but in a very good way.Thanks, VW πŸ™‚ Really touched me, especially that last note of poignancy. We are kindred hearts, I swear.

  4. Hello, old friend! Your words have been missed!

    I”d rather die going at full tilt
    Than of a slow and painful wilt
    If living bold
    Means not getting old
    Then it’s a choice I”ll have to make
    If it’s life that kills me in the end
    Did I really truly die?
    If its love that stakes my heart
    Then I’ll have no reason to cry
    Andrea xxx

  5. This is a very touching poem VW and one that we should all perhaps take note of more.. I know I was so touched once upon a time by a picture of a Gun Dog and a brace of Ducks which had been shot.. This brought home to me how we often do not concider the bird or animals point of view as we kill to eat or just shoot for hunting sports… So I too once upon a time wrote a poem on the Birds view of being shot and seeing his mate plummet down… As birds often mate for life.. You can view if you wish my own poem here http://wp.me/p16xW7-41
    Love and Light my Friend, your heart is indeed full of Light! and Love.. ~Sue xx

  6. This one just pierces my heart! I cannot imagine living as though love were not enough! What a tin-woman I would then be! Being a lifelong bird watcher and lover, I, too, feel that it is far better to die mid-flight than live in a cage! I want to fly and then just drop, do I!

  7. beautiful, and heartfelt, I love the second stanza specially on this part… I would much rather die in love….Than live as though it’s not enough…. amazing…

  8. When loves arrow strikes
    the love that is generated
    fills the cup of life and is
    never drained…

    Life is Love and Love is Life…

    Be well my great friend πŸ™‚


  9. took me a bit to come back….and read
    your energy seeps into these words and
    you lay exposed as you tumble in darkness
    and there by some can see their reflection
    which is good …..means we still have a heartbeat
    sometimes I wonder if I had known
    what love was and what it is capable of
    I would have ran the other way….

    I like your heart VW…..it is one of the
    real ones….a rare energy these days….

    Take care….

  10. Simply elegant!

    Better to be killed midair …then traded for the songs you sing, Without the use of heart or wing.

    I love the brave passion in choosing a death of meaning rather than living a life without it. I love the imagery in the first stanza too.

    “For darkness as the feathers fall, It never touched the ground at all”

    Breathtaking! Thank you

  11. Beautiful words, VW, and your ending is perfect:
    “β€˜Tis better to be killed midair
    Than caged upon the ground in bars”

    I’m playing catch up, so please bear with me! πŸ™‚

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