The River And I

The river and I go side by side
It runs, though I, content to walk
Am in no rush, though tossed about
And ever turbulent, no doubt
But less intentional in stride

The river and I, we both do long
To find the sea–the open deep
I feel my path will longer be
For I am less at liberty
To chase the places I belong

The river and I have much to share
The downward path we both pursue
I feel I fall but never rise
And dashed upon these rapids white
The fate I find is rarely fair

The river has more voice than I
It has no fear to speak its mind
It gladly tears the earth apart
While on its path with steady heart
It makes no stops and forms no ties

The river has more force than I
To cut away at standing stone
Its lonely goal by soul inspired
It runs always and never tires
With naught a thought to quit or die

The river knows not how it moves
Nor does it out of malice roll
It merely seeks its distant love
Relentlessly at every ebb
And presses in, around, and through

The river and I, we both know well
The destination of our call
We know which way we need to go
Though how to turn we may not know
And what may come we cannot tell

The river and I, though without words
Walk side by side along the bank
I long to run as does this friend
But how I fall and how I bend
Has broken me in shattered thirds

The river and I have parted ways
It perseveres while I digress
Returning to my former lot
A life, a day, a time forgot
With sentences I long to say

The river and I will both go far
Adapting to our circumstance
Perhaps, since I am not allowed
The river will reach you somehow
In freedom on some distant shore


77 responses to “The River And I

  1. VW – You know where to find you, simply look … and I’m here if you’d like me to remind you.


  2. Simply enthralling – the parallel voice and intention of you and the river!! I totally love this, VW, and think it’s one of your best (or at least one of my favorites!) This poem belongs in an anthology of great classic poems!

  3. the river is constant fluid emotion
    and you my friend are too….
    your voice whispers and those who feel
    hear the silent tears you keep deep
    you have such strength flowing through these words
    I wonder if you realize it…
    time doesn’t heal, rivers of emotions flowing
    into the ocean touching distant shores heal…
    this one sends echoes reviberating off
    the waves…makes one shiver with all the
    emotion youhave embedded in it….

    Take Care…
    You Matter….

  4. So so beautiful; leaves me with goosebumps. I feel the strong flow of the river and the ambivalence of you and a lot of other things too! Sort of unrelated, but have you ever heard the song “Moon River”?

    • Thank you very much. And yes, I love that song. I was partial to hearing Frank Sinatra sing it, then I heard The Innocence Mission do a version and I fell in love with that one. A lovely song!

  5. I’m with Betty on this one, VW; it is certainly one of my favourites. It is so very beautiful. You have portrayed the ‘journey of life and the river’ parallel in a very unique and personal way, but at the same time I feel this poem will find resonance in the soul with all who read it. What a superb write!

  6. Wow! I keep reading this one over and over because it is just that GOOD! You have a knack for taking a simple thought and crafting words and emotions to create a masterpiece. Always some insight to be gained from your work VW. You are sheer talent! I agree with Angela and Betty… and I’d buy your book πŸ™‚

  7. A river winds it’s way on a never ending cycle
    eventually reaching the open sea and an adventure
    begins on a wave of wonder, I hope that your wave
    is just as exciting Vampire Weather and the flowing
    of the thoughts don’t just ebb, indeed they flow from
    your mind, adding quality and energy to your work πŸ™‚

    Well done my great
    friend I like this offering πŸ™‚


      • I have not seen you posting or commenting around our WP and am just calling by to see if you are okay my wickedly fine friend? Perhaps you are taking a vacation or just some time out for other activities but do call by whenever you return so that I know that you are alright πŸ™‚ Be very well Vampire Weather πŸ™‚


  8. Oh, yes, VW–both the river and your inner self will find each other on that distant shore! Wonderful, wonderful poem that had my feet wet and my eyes straining to see the sea!

  9. I REALLY love this one, VW! I love the flow, the paralleling of you and the river; just wonderfully written, as always! I think this is also one of my favorites of yours! Hope you’re well, as I’ve been away for a bit! πŸ™‚

  10. What a beautiful inspired piece of poetry VW..

    The River of life often tosses us around the white water as we overcome the obstacles in our path. But like the river, we are made up of water in fact we are the majority of water, so we are more like the river than we think…

    We meander our way at times at a steady speed, often finding our way around the obstacles put before us.. At other times when in anger we Rush head long over them, sweeping others from our paths as we hurtle in our white of emotional bubbles and froth and foam at the mouth.. As we vent our Anger.

    At other times we hardly seem to be moving as our surface seems calm and still, but underneath our undercurrent still flows, still urging us forward..

    All our lives we seem to be pushing forward drawn my an unseen hand as we cut our way through the ups and downs of life.. And all of us upon this journey are seeking the same one thing.. Within the Ocean of Life we merge once more to be complete. To blend once again with that Vastness of Spirit.. to once again ascend within the vapour to the heavens, only to drop once more as a droplet of rain, back down to earth as we start and find our way back upon the river of Life..

    Your words are inspired indeed VW.. and May your life be forever sail upon a smooth Lake, full of love.. ~Blessings to you x ~Sue

  11. My favorite line was “the river has more voice than I, it has no fear to speak it’s mind” I always enjoy reading your poems. Also I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You deserve it.

  12. I am missing your poetry, too VW. It seems Betty and I were on the same thought wavelength :-). Wishing you good dreams, rainbows and blessings.

  13. Heard of the Enya song “the river sings”?
    It reminds me of the relentless force
    you describe here. I think it is in latin
    though. Girl in the Hat has a novel –
    “What Would Water Do” The title reminds
    me of your hero who is trying to follow
    the ways of the River – if only we were
    so unstoppable!

  14. Hopefully by the time that you read this one you will be ready to post a string of new poems, all as excellently offered as always and be eager to post a lot more my great friend πŸ™‚ I hope that you are very well in your part of the world Vampire Weather πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, my friend, for your support. Unfortunately I have abandoned this realm and I no longer write poetry. If I did, I would certainly share it with you, my friend. Thank you

  15. VW!! Thanks for the recent “like” of my poem. You are missed so much here – even if you aren’t writing poetry anymore, it’s good just to know you’re here now and then – and to see that familiar heart icon.
    (P.S. About 10 years ago I thought I was done writing poetry – it just woudn’t come anymore, and I was blocked for a very long time. But eventually it came back. I’ll keep hoping this is true with you. You have a wonderful gift – just for BEING with us. Sending hugs!!)

    • Thank you, Betty. You are so kind. I am the only thing blocking my poetry at the moment, but the day may come when I feel able to share it again. I’m thankful that you are still posting and creating. Your beautiful heart is always inspiringly evident in your work. I do miss being here.

  16. ARE YOU BACK …………
    I MISSED YOU !!!!!

  17. Hi VW… still sailing down my own White Water Rapids at this moment, But I am resting upon a whirlpool of Intent at the moment.
    I intend to surpass this emotional turbulance.. And sail on to smoother waters…. Thank you for dropping in… Hope all is well within your RIver…. Keep swimming… and know the other shore is close at hand…
    Love and Blessings to you VW,,,,
    ~Sue xx

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