Dreamland Renegades

Five acre smile
Under backlit sunset braids
Did we set the world on fire
I think we might have
Burning up
‘Til there’s nothing left to save
Did we catapult the moon
I think we might have

Open roads
Counting fence posts on parade
Did we think we’d never fade
I think we might have
Plotting midnight masquerades
Did we think we’d get away
I think we might have

I took the wheel
Like all the world was ours to steal
Every golden flake of cloud
Tucked away behind the thought
We are real
Chasing colors like the blind
Call us dreamland renegades
Much too perfect to be caught


29 responses to “Dreamland Renegades

  1. I Imagine you travelling across wide open countryside as I read this, seeing sunsets and Moonlit nights.. colours blazing in a blur as you drive faster.. Looking up to the sky and holding your head back laughing.. saying the words FREEDOM!,, Because thats how it makes me feel..
    Wishing you well VW.. and needless to say, I enjoyed your words just a bit!!! 😉 Haha… Hugs to you . Sue

  2. Dreamland renegades is just the perfect poetic phrase to describe how I feel many nights when falling asleep! Lovely galloping along with you, VW!

  3. Hey stranger! So nice to read your work again…..you have been missed…..I loved the poem, something about it reminded me of my early youth and made me smile….. nice to touch base and please stop by for a visit when you can….your presence was/is always welcome…..

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