Clouds I Packed

Fragments of the bridges we burned
In the charred grey haze
In the soft blue grass
My hand on your future
Your palm on my past

Little scraps of clouds I packed
In the zippers and pockets
Of the walls we moved
And the paint we peeled
For the dreams we drew
Under stark white dots
Oh, the skies we knew

Bigger than the snowfall over those mountains
And bigger than the love all over these hills
Our sky was on fire
Our hearts were our needles
Our eyes were a compass
Our bodies unbound

Bigger than the words repainted from ancients
And bigger than door frames over this house
Our sky is on fire
Our blankets untorn
Our love is like water
Our bodies still warm

(sorry for the delay. I’ve been relocating and adjusting. Thank you for your patience)


42 responses to “Clouds I Packed

  1. Hi Vampire Weather! Thanks for coming by, I’ve been away for ages, I think you had been also, now I read you’ve moved so that explains alot, its a huge and difficult thing to move house. It’s good to know you’re still here with wp and good to see your back, and of course as always…its good to read your beautiful work.
    Nikki x

  2. I always get excited to read your words. Wonderful as always. And I understand. The movers came a month ago and my room is still not completely unpacked.

  3. Welcome back VW I have missed you and was only wondering about you the other day. It’s good to see you back and good to know that you are well and settled in your new home. The poem is as ever so beautiful, interesting and clever. Again I say welcome back to word press πŸ˜‰

  4. a wonderful sight to click on and see you here again…
    I have missed your thoughts…
    some words we read….some we see as we read,
    some we hear as we read, some we feel deep inside as we read
    yours I get a complete circle of reading with all my senses…
    your words touch many VW…..
    I love the feel of them…Glad you are back
    Hope your move is a Blessing …..
    Take Care…

  5. I love this poem VW and am happy to see you around. I too have been a bit out of the blog world but am trying to trickle my way back in.
    Lovely words as always from you… your poetry always inspires me. β™₯

  6. Oh how I miss reading your words VW. I have been visiting your site for the past few weeks and reading over your work. You are truly missed.
    Your line:

    “My hand on your future
    Your palm on my past”

    Brought me back to memories of my past and reminded me of images of someone I still miss as I now do you. I hope very much you are happy and well. xo

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