Dedicated apparitions
Baited into empty white chapels
Where someone speaks
Who isn’t there
And no one else responds
Yet, in dropping pins
And hurricane force winds
Subliminal messages evacuate lungs
Like ships
Squeezed through a channel mouth

Someday, maybe, our dotted lines
Undrawn on maps penned by time
Will meet
Where x marks
An island of thought
Everyone there is you
Each driving small cars
Wearing tan skirts, black shades
And a fondness for smiles
Something akin to babies
Who have not learned
To cringe
To reason sensibly
Or to bend beneath the backwash
Of public opinions

There we are–found
A stuttering ode
To all things bright and beautiful
Cadence like chocolate poured
Softly over pursed lips
And frost bitten fingertips
A counterplot
To rule a world once destroyed
Tyrants abolished
Forsaken deserts of thought
Now holding cautiously in palm
A sea of dreams beneath
Where us
And nothing


56 responses to “Counterplot

      • VDub, where have you been and I hope you are quite well, just too busy to write. I do miss your words immensely! I came upon this comment, and as you said, you “look forward to a time you speak as you once did”…do you mean the HeartofBella site? I’m afraid I’m not sure if that will ever happen again and a large part of me hopes it never does, since it ended in great pain and suffering for me, as I’m sure you know all too well….but I do hope I can find a love like that again. πŸ™‚

  1. **Where us
    And nothing

    where your words create whispers and colors on the canvas that rest inbetween…
    another one felt…
    Take Care…

  2. Great articulation. I like the cadence of the first stanza. The photo is great too! Can’t wait to follow your blog so I can read more of your work.

  3. i wish i could write like that i write poems too but not like that i wish i could im fourteen so i still have a long way to go but i think your poems are amazing πŸ™‚

  4. as i look around the island i start to remember
    the lost souls
    the soldiers whose bodies where buried right underneath my feet
    wives and children waitng anxiously for them at the door
    hoping in vain for their husband and father to come back
    as I make my way into the forest
    i sit , close my eyes
    and start to daydream
    of the island that used to be
    the island of the happy
    the island of the dreamers
    the island of peace
    the flashbacks start coming back
    my heart starts beating
    my eyes water
    i cant stop the shaking
    as i open my eyes i see
    the darkness
    is still there
    i feel my feet frozen to
    the muddy ground
    i cant move
    with quivering lips i scream
    for help no one
    to help
    i lie there
    on the muddy ground
    where small insects
    and wait patiently for death
    before i close my eyes for one last time
    i strain my neck to see a glimpse
    of the moon
    its bright
    like a light
    the moon is my sun
    to death it will guide me
    tonight its full
    and under it
    the world goes around

    ps sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes!

  5. wonderful poem! i wish i can say i liked a particular line, but all of them are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! i could read it over and over and still not be sick of it. thank you for writing!

  6. Your poetry is great, VW, there is zero doubt – yet the images you put up there too. Just fantastic. This one I found to be mesmerising.

  7. Enjoyed the poem, especially ‘bend beneath the backwash of public opinion’. Congrats on being freshly pressed:-) Personally I find the overall dark colours of your theme/background a bit off putting though…but that’s just personal opinion.

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