Trickery Of Fates

Trembling hands tucked tenderly in the pockets
Of an overcoat pretense ministered with a smile
Nervously adjacent to a tangled weave of angels
We administer the dosage of a thousand sleepless nights
I feel the tug of Atlas asking penance for his negligence
While I, beneath it all, can muster nothing but a laugh
The serenade of symphonies concluding these procedures
Is the theme for those who fall in love but never make it back


8 responses to “Trickery Of Fates

  1. While contemplating a comment on your post this arrived. For what it’s worth then …


    In crazy love I fell one blowsy day
    An airy elemental sylph and I
    Gave way to one another’s airs
    Fey feathery winds blew our way
    And blew me away, away, away
    Over the cliff edge and down
    And down and down and down I fell
    Breezes once nodding acquaintances
    Now have become fast friends and faster
    Faster, snatching my lacy breath away
    As I plummet in dizzying cartwheels
    Buzzing, blurring sight and dazing vision
    Spin falling ever faster, given up to fate

  2. vampire weather — hope you post more poems. In the meantime this gives me a chance to catch up on reading ones I missed earlier and in browsing your archive some more.

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