About Vampire Weather

Vampire Weather has very little to do with vampires and very little to do with weather. It is an emotional collective of experiences and passion as viewed sometimes in first person, sometimes from the outside. Vampire weather is best read as art which is meant to be assimilated and digested differently by each viewer. It is not absolute or necessarily narrative. There is no credit given to an author. If you know the author we ask you keep each post anonymous unless you are given permission by the author to reveal their identity. We encourage you to post your own thoughts, poems, lines, ideas, and feelings as comments. As for the name, the blog was named for the first poem posted on it, and the name stuck. Welcome to Vampire Weather. Stay as long as you like and join me in exploring the depths of emotion and thought. Or perhaps the shallows…depending on how you perceive it.


P.S. The imagery on Vampire Weather is actually a collection of various photos either relating to or containing things and people which inspired my poetry. The images have been distorted in an attempt to maintain a vague and emotional contrast of shadows which can compliment the poems without directing the viewer to any specific conclusion. I hope you see something in them that is uniquely yours. Every image is my own, taken and altered by me. Enjoy!


107 responses to “About Vampire Weather

    • Thank you! I take all the images myself and edit them in attempt to make sure everything on my blog is from my own heart and mind. There are many beautiful images online, but I feel obligated to make sure mine are originated from my own imagination and memories. πŸ™‚

  1. Vdub, Have I ever told you I love you and your wonderful comments and understanding…well if I haven’t before here it is….Love you VW you are amazing in so many ways…..thank you for everything that you write, do and create πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for caring. Your kind words and encouragement are very uplifting to me right now. I feel as if I know a little of what you have been through, and I can relate well to some of the pain. I’m very grateful you have given your time to read my writings and to comment on my work. It is very special to me to think that you consider it that important. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Oh I was seriously hoping for some vampire with weather changing powers..how sad πŸ™‚
    its a haunting name nevertheless…and so is your work, it inspires and is thought provoking and stays in mind for long.
    its an art, a rare gift when your work is so enthralling that the reader keeps going through all your work trying to know you or to see where you are coming from…and as i said earlier your blog is beauty in each leaf.

    • That is quite a humbling compliment, my friend. I am afraid my powers are limited to cloudy eyes and a stormy mind. I am, thankfully, not an immortal, but I do not get out in the sun often, and I tend to be a bit dangerous, so…

      I am very thankful you spent time in my realm. It is my honor. Hopefully you do not discover too much about me πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello VW … am exploring outwards from Lauren’s blog and discovered yours today. I am working my way from the first post forwards … enjoying it immensely! Images and your poetry both. Looking forward to reading my way through everything slowly.

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  5. I am just calling by to wish you a fine start
    to your Thursday Vampire Weather πŸ™‚ It is
    very strong winds and rain here in the UK
    but I am holding on to my Cape πŸ™‚ lol

    Have a wicked one Vampire Weather πŸ™‚


    • Thank you my friend! I might wish for wind and rain today. It would suit my mood all the better and perhaps draw some ink from my pen. Alas, it is sunshine and warmth. I hope your day is extraordinarily inspiring and delicious

  6. I am just calling by to let you know that
    I won’t be adding anything for a while as
    I need to take time out… I will of course
    be popping into your Space and adding
    my thoughts to your poetry my great and
    wicked friend Vampire Weather πŸ™‚

    Keep writing you delightful poems πŸ™‚


  7. I will be calling by again soon Vampire Weather,
    things have been changing somewhat in my world
    so as soon as I get back on track I will be back to
    bug you with my slant on commenting πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Have a very nice Monday
    now my wickedly fine friend πŸ™‚


  8. I will be calling by soon Vampire Weather
    and when I do, I will read your fine poetry πŸ™‚

    Keep very well my good friend…


      • Ever changing is a great description. So much has Changed since last we spoke, getting closer to me. I am well. Writing is what helps me through. No more writing for you?

      • Please do. I reposted my vampire weather poem the other day, it made me wonder about you. Please give me the random post or email to let me know that you are well.

      • I have created such a narrative from the scraps of you you have shared. You would probably lose yourself in hysterics if I composed and shared this vision.

      • I lose myself in hysterics when I tell myself the true facts, so i’m sure from that point on it only gets more entertaining. I would be very interested to know what people think of me though, based solely on the pieces of me present in this realm. It is most likely a representation of a me few others will ever see

  9. Wow I have been going through your blog tonight and I just realized we have been sharing words, memorize and dreams with one another for about a year now…I know I have been gone for a long long time, but I keep up with you (whenever you are around..here and there) and I just read my last comment to this page from Nov of last year. It’s amazing how one year can change so much..change so many….keep writing (if you can).

      • I love someone I cannot reach. It is my way of reaching into the void and speaking to the invisible. It is an anthem of dreams for higher things. It is my world of masks and smoke where I can be bare and transparent. This realm was created to whisper truth into the ears of those who might otherwise have no way of knowing.

  10. Your explanation and reasoning brings so many questions to my mind, as well as tears to my eyes. Why are you not allowed to reach out to them? Have they died? Or are they still alive, and if so, why can’t you reach out to them now? Your choosing or theirs? It’s romantic, but at the same time (I feel as though) it is “torture” as you have mentioned, to not express anything to this person that has inspired so much of your writing and passion over the years….why do you believe they deserve never to know?

    • Perhaps they yet see. The gulf is not of our choosing, but we have accepted it as best we can. Shackles imposed for the greater good, I suppose, and though I might have the power to break them, the greater power may come with enduring them. I do long to reach out to them, and perhaps that is what this blog is about. It is about reaching out. It is about hoping beyond hope. It is about the beauty that comes from pain, and the value of love. Or perhaps I am whistling into the dark and there is no one to hear. Perhaps I shall never know, but my heart still beats. My eyes still have a bit of color. My lungs still draw breath. I have much for which to be thankful, and I have still the strength to come here. I am still able to find the will to sew fragments of my heart into this patchwork quilt of thoughts and emotions. Perhaps, if no one I know is watching, someone I do not know may need it. I am not ready yet to die or for my spirit here to die. The time has not come.

      • OK, but why do you think that those shackles are still there? Do you ever believe that maybe, just maybe the only way to reach out to your intended (and perhaps needed and waiting) person/reader is by simply reaching, stretching your muscles (your heart, mind and all parts of your body) in order to finally, either receive something, whether that be closure, acceptance, love, friendship, hope or understanding? Of course this is me talking, the one who wants to run after and grasp hold everything she knows is of importance to her life and well being….perhaps we are just opposite characters wanting the same damn thing…but never getting it. Wouldn’t that be crappy, eh?

      • I have given it more consideration than possibly anything else in my life. I have begun to do so only to withdraw my hand. I realize it must seem contradictory, but I withhold my own desires for the safety of others. In order to reach, I would have to harm, and I am caught betwixt the desire to comfort and the destruction it could cause. The circumstances are indeed most unusual, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. It is a daily test of my will and my sanity, but it is through patient consideration and good faith that I make the choices I do. And yet, though I am held far away, I am bound to express somehow, so this is how I chose to do so.

  11. That is a very respectable trait, but my cynical and skeptical side of me seems to slither through your words and or the situation (perhaps in my own head)….have you ever thought that this imaginary or “unusual” boarder is merely just a lie, mirage, scapegoat (for someone else) or even a reason to keep you? Or perhaps this circumstance is no longer even there? When was the last time you checked your facts? I like to keep things factual, straight forward and of course close to the heart….I have never been a fan of games when it deals with people’s hearts or minds. All I am saying is I hope you know for sure that the situation you think you (or they) are in between is in deed real and true…I always check facts after other people’s words…..things change over time ( you never know). It might just be worth your while.

    • I am constantly attentive to the facts in the event something may change. There is nothing beyond possibility. I would not by negligence allow such a thing to continue, and that is well known to all involved. I do not believe that is a question in their mind at all. They know my heart and we are in agreement, difficult though it may be. You are stirringly hopeful for my circumstances. What of your own? What do you see in your current situation?

      • I may just be a hopeless romantic (at heart), thinking some Romeo/Juliet type scene here but whatever the circumstance, I hope the best for you and them. I would like to imagine a scene of the two of you reuniting once again, finally confessing your true feelings for them, and sailing the oceans together, exploring new worlds with one another….and of course living happily ever after….

        As for me…. I have nothing to wish upon at this moment but survival and professional goals. I’ve basically given up on true love, soul mates, twin flames….none of that really speaks to me anymore. It used to and it used to scream into my ears, heart and soul but now, since it all just fell to shit (and left me naked and feeling robbed emotionally and financially) I have no longing, no yearning and no real desire (or belief) in those things anymore. I was robbed of my emotional innocence and wonder and hope….and I’m pretty certain it’s not coming back. I know this all sounds very dramatic, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson in all of this, although it is one I wish I had never learned or experienced. It did happen. I’m living. I’m alive and right now that is all that matters to me. I no longer live for love…. like I used too….b/c love never truly lived for me…..nor did it save me when I needed it most. I am not selfish or mean or cruel…I just find it hard to open up my heart to anyone at this time. It sucks, but it does save me from myself.

      • I understand so deeply what you say. I felt that for a while. Perhaps it is for the best that you do not seek it now. True love is the harbinger of true pain. You need no more of that for a good while. The shock of loss is such that our mind takes extreme measures to stay sane, and as calloused as it makes us seem, it can be very necessary. I often feel as though it is a Romeo/Juliet sort of affair, but, ah, such tragedy…we should not envy their life, though we claim to desire it. I have lived with honesty and loved in purity. I am unashamed and thankful for each painful memory. Hopeless romantics give hope to the world through their hopelessness. Perhaps our children shall do better than we in some distant generation.

      • I’m thankful you feel that. I concur. I am a tenacious loyalist and companion. My heart never leaves someone I love or forgets its duty to them. Their wellbeing is ever on my mind, regardless of distance.

  12. Yes but it isn’t that I am in mourning, or shock anymore….I’m simply …… (dead emotionally?).. but at the same time not quite….I would like to say that I am more calculated and more cautious about and how I step now a days….(if that makes sense?) I’ve been dipping my toes back into the pool and I’ve been enjoying myself, but I can tell I am not letting anything go completely (especially myself) in terms of emotions or feelings…although this is a much different situation than the last and a completely different approach than anything I think I’ve ever systematically conjured…I can see myself slowly but surely being softened….but never quite completely as I had been before…which makes me sad and that is what makes me mourn the most…that innocence to and fore love, the trust and ability to completely be.

    • “Dead emotionally” is a term I applied to myself as well. It is a certain sort of death to feel so alone and hurt. And there seems little point in voicing hope for anything else. It is almost infuriating–romance–and near sickening to endure at a time like that. The hollow words of optimistic friends saying “it will get better” or “you will get passed it” feel pointless and agitating. Survival instincts all say that you should never go back to being so vulnerable and soft. People don’t deserve it. Loving isn’t worth it. And yet, without any banal verbiage from me, you will find your way back to the tenderness of love because you are too much like me, and we both know that we are more likely to die of heartbreak than live in denial. It makes us the fragile artists that we are, and the world needs a few of us. It needs a few more people who endure the pain of intimacy without evolving iron skin. The world needs Romeos & Juliets, though the story is tragic for the fated heroes. The world needs Bella. We all need that soft hearted fully bared soul, naked and open. The foolishness of loving in an unloving world. The illogical passion disrobing the pretentious trappings of “normal life”. You are special, and this is only one more scar to wear for the crime of sensitivity. You have not abandoned it yet. You are too much like me πŸ™‚

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