Sarcasm: The Last True Language Of Love

God so loved the world
But the world so loved itself
Strike a match and start it up
We could use a bit of help

Everything is broken
But we play with it just fine
Keep your hands inside the circle
Keep your things away from mine

Oh, they call it falling
Call it falling if you like
But we fell before we started
And we all are brokenhearted

Dissonance is bliss
All our comedy is free
Light up this apocalypse
And save a seat for me

Amorous and oh-so-coy
Inflated with the words you say
If love is indestructible
Then plunge it through my arteries

Perhaps the silver bullet
To a world full of intelligence
Is found within the confines
If our cynical romanticism

Just when I thought arrogance
Could be the death of us
I took a chance on sentiments
And got shot right through my gut


Piece by piece
Needles repairing me
Faded from sight
Drawing a line
Crisscross the wound

Stoke by stroke
Strings pull the edges close
Sealing the gash
Healing at last
Here in this room

It won’t take much
To tear this all apart again
Sensitive touch
To save a broken heart again
Sometimes I slip
And bleed from all these scars again
I bite my lip
And go back to the start again

Maybe in time
I’ll hold together well
Toughen my skin
Harder within
Fend off the world

Stitch by stitch
Coming together now
Struggle to stand
For all that I am
Spirit unfurled

This therapy
To exercise my thoughts within
Is there in me
To reach out for a closer friend
So bear with me
The stains are all on accident
I tear and bleed
But one day all these wounds will mend

Dancer Down

Oh there she goes
We’ve seen this song and dance before
Too many rounds
And now she’s bleeding on the ballroom floor
Pay her no mind
Pay her no mind
She does this all the time
Try not to stare
But don’t feel bad
She does this all the time

And when the crowd closes in
The music–oh the sweat and angst
She lost her footing yet again
Trying to move at a different pace
Dancer down dancer down
Dear mr. DJ keep the beat
The pandemonium resumes
Don’t stop the band just play on

You tore your dress
Silk has a tendency to catch
On sharper edges
Chiffon and lace don’t ever last
Pay her no mind
Pay her no mind
She only wants attention
Just step around
And keep in line
She only wants attention

The floor is cold on the face
The angle much more riveting
What people hide up their dress
Adds a sense of danger to the scene
Dancer down dancer down
Let the doorman lend assistance
The pandemonium resumes
Don’t stop the dance just play on

Dear, did you shatter
Your last glass slipper
Did the clock strike
The end of the day
Did you think they
Would want another diva
Nobody hears you crying
When the music playing