Trickery Of Fates

Trembling hands tucked tenderly in the pockets
Of an overcoat pretense ministered with a smile
Nervously adjacent to a tangled weave of angels
We administer the dosage of a thousand sleepless nights
I feel the tug of Atlas asking penance for his negligence
While I, beneath it all, can muster nothing but a laugh
The serenade of symphonies concluding these procedures
Is the theme for those who fall in love but never make it back


336 Hours

These hands are holding me back
These hands they can’t even feel
Time has no mind to understand
How well it’s hands can heal
Or how slow it’s hands can go
When I am trying to get home
When I’m driving in the dark
Or at altitude alone

These feet are holding me back
These feet they don’t even move
Miles have no mind to understand
How many feet that I drove
Or how many more I must go
When I want to be with you
When I’m running open roads
Oh the miles never knew

But I am only three hundred thirty-six hours out from the end of this journey I’m making

Every hour three thousand seconds reminding me painfully how long it’s taking

Just to get home to the place I began to the place I left and left you standing

I hope you know every minute I’m gone is a minute I spend desperately planning

How I can get back to you

When Away

Taken for the thought of being far
Still asleep beneath the stars
Earth is not so very large
Not as big as, say, my heart

Spoken in the darkness for a thought
How my love for you is not
Regulated by the mile
But is free within my heart

They could fire you away into orbit
They could send you out beyond the galaxy
That could never ever change for a moment
That my love for you is bigger than these

When away
I will keep you here with me
In a way
You can never truly leave
When I say
That my love for you is strong
What I mean
Is that it’s everywhere you go

And I know that you can’t hear the things I say
Or see the lines I’m writing on this page
I know that you may wonder if I’ve changed
But I will always love you when away